Faith Parker


Our generation is better than any other generation because of the technology driven world we have become accustomed to. With these assets, our generation has been able to conquer new challenges and be more innovative. However, we as a generation, have to achieve greater than others to make our mark in history making us the best. We take risks to show our greatness with creativity, intellect, and our determination used through the innovative technology that has and will be created.

A big difference from our generation and other generations is having the internet in our hands literally. For example, Hand-held devices like Cell phones with so many avenues to use such as, Text messages, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It makes communicating so quick and productive. Varying further from former generation's way of using mail, postcards, and letters to communicate. Which could take days at a time. Now we can just share a meme or photo of a recent event on Facebook and most of our relatives or close friends can see and comment, like, or share it within minutes. Making our generation more interactive than other past generations. Helping us share and obtain more information more frequently than in the past. Making our generation more assertive with stronger views on the world around us. It is much more simple for us to pass off our advantages and discoveries with the next generation so they can be better than us too. Overall, every generation has their ups and downs that help the future be able to excel further than the past generation have gone.