Emily Sturgis

I think my generation does multitasking better than any other generation. Regardless of what other generations believe there has been a lot of pressure placed on my generation. It is not good enough just to get good grades, it is not good enough just to have one hobby, it is not good enough just to be okay at something. We are expected to be well put together, well dressed, star athletes, scientific and mathematical geniuses, with all A's and somehow we're supposed to get around eight hours of sleep. In all honesty barely any of us get those eight hours, but all of the other expectations do get fulfilled. We are all very ambitious and highly involved, on bus rides to sports events we do our homework, at home we balance our studying for science Olympiad with our Calculus test and practicing our instruments for solo and ensemble. We stay up late and get up early and we don't stop until we have done all we can do and achieved all we can achieve. The people of my generation are always on the run to keep up on all of their events, competitions, and activities that for some odd reason always end up on the same day. And there is usually more than one time that we are expected to pull through at our worst and somehow we do. Whenever I hear people talking about my generation being lazy and entitled I wish I had the chance to talk to them to change their mind, because we do so much all of the time and we work so hard to meet so many expectations that we never actually asked for. I know my generation is filled with so many people who hustle hard and we accomplish so much all at the same time.