Emily Evasic


We are the generation of acceptance. We still live in a a society that seems to think that demographically dissimilar people are allowed to be treated differently. We have all heard stereotypes about those who are different from us, but the younger generation of today sees the flaws in this. We are more accepting of others around us, despite any differences. Now, more than ever, those who have been discriminated against in the past are standing up for a better future. The rallies for LGBT+ rights, women's rights, and POC's rights are largely filled with those from my generation. We embrace our differences and see the value in each and every person. 

We are the generation of passion. We do not stand idly by and let the world push us around. If we feel we are not being treated fairly, we stand up for ourselves and our community. We are young, and perhaps our curious naivety has allowed us to see through the cloud of ignorance that society has tried to smother us with. Through this, we can acknowledge our power. We are passionate about creating a world that is accepting of everyone, and we are still young enough to have not grown accustomed to a society that allows for discrimination. We will not let society intimidate us into silence just because everyone else in the other generations have just accepted that this is the way things are. We are persistent and we will not back down. 

We are the generation of progression. Technological advancements have allowed for us to stay connected and educated. More so than any other generation, we have been able to see directly through social media and online articles the struggles that other people go through. We can understand better how others who are discriminated against feel, and empathize with wanting to change society for the better to make it more accommodating for all people. We can see people suffering and want to inspire change. We can hear from those who have been victims of a judgmental society and want to fight for them. We stay informed on the flaws of society because we are passionate about the well being of those around us. We want everyone to be accepted and we will not be quiet like former generations. 

Our generation embraces those who are unique. We recognize that our power is limitless; we see the issues in society and we know we have the capability to repair them. We are vehement in our desires to make the world better. We will not sit back and wait like the other generations. We will take action to achieve what we know is deservedly ours.