Dwayne Gary

My generation, the Millennial generation, are the best at being innovators, early workers, and eco-friendly. Millennials are born from the years of 1980 to 1999 .According to Huffington Post, my generation makes up 25.9% of the United States population and we contribute more than $44 billion to the American economy. My generation learns from the mistakes made by past generations and we are all about the future, which is why since my generation was born we are more advanced in society than ever before!

My generation is full of pure innovation; I feel as if we look beyond the numbers and surpass any boundary placed in front of us. Michael Malone, a professor at Bentley University, stated that “Young people are the heart of the digital age. They think with and past new technologies.” I could not agree with him more, thanks to my generation we now have social media. Social Media, if used properly, gives the user a vast variety of resources to use to their benefit. An example of this comes from a woman named Megan Hargroder; she was able to get her dream business through connections she made over social media. This is only one of the many examples of success through social media someone in my generation was able to achieve

Another thing my generation is known for more than other generations is our willingness to work as soon as we turn 16. When a minor turns to the age of 16, they are able to join the labor force (giving them the ability to work part-time jobs with restrictions of times and certain duties). We like to how it feels to go out and make our own money at an early age because we were raised by our parents with the common lesson of “if you want it go work and buy it yourself”. This is a testament to my own life, I wanted to work so that I can have the freedom to buy my own items that mom and dad weren’t going to cover. Even though this may not be traditional if work does not hinder our studies then we are sure to go and make an early start on working.

The last thing that my generation is best at is that we care the most about our planet earth. Recent polls conducted by MSN say that Millennials are more focused about the environment than their parents’ generation 76% to 24%. In addition to that, 81% of Millennials favor companies that show a demonstrated commitment to sustainability. My generation shows that they care for the environment, we go out and pick up litter when we volunteer, we by eco-friendly products, and we also practice the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). I am proud to be in my generation, I never truly understood how lucky I am to be born in the time I was until I did my research. My fellow millennials and I are truly a generation to be reckon with!