Dominique Ali



Not every generation has had it as easy as mine in terms of having everything at your fingertips. Actually, a lot of people claim that my generation has been spoiled rotten. With the recent outburst of the internet almost any and everything you need to know can be answered within seconds. From the summary of that book you didn’t read, to how to get rid of that pimple. My generation has never had to sit down and crack open a book to find out information. While being a little spoiled may be true, throughout our lives and the introduction of smart phones and other technology my generation has begun to master the arts of technology. I have witnessed small children navigating their way through tablets and cell phones before they can even walk. Some may view this as a bad thing, stating that all of the technology rots the brain. However, that does not change the fact that technology is a huge part of our future. Not knowing how to fix it or change minor settings in devices will soon almost render you cripple in the world we live in now.

My generation will be the masters of computers, which are also beginning to increase in popularity. Everywhere you go you will witness some form of computers. From laptops, to cars, phones, tablets, gaming systems, even down to the self- checkouts you can find in almost any supermarket. My generation is best with technology because with all the little ways technology now impacts our lives my generation has begun to master it at a very young age. With children knowing how to work devices better than some adults. In fact, technology has become such a huge part of our society that knowing how these computers work inside and out will guarantee you a job. Now I’m not sure what the other generations might be best at but I know that no generation can outclass mine in technology, except the future ones of course.