Djiby Coulibaly


Without a doubt iGens are much, much better at multitasking than any other generation. What are iGens you ask? iGens are the generation from 1996 onward, that are the growing leaders of a better society to come. We understand the modern day technology. We multitask, not only to perform more than one task at the same time, but also to perform more than one task in the same time span. If you are an iGen like myself, perhaps you grew up with a parent in the Baby Boomer Generation, who found it difficult to understand technology, so you had to help them with the computer, or help them figure out how to use Facebook, or help them navigate their phone. I remember as far back as when I was seven, helping my mother when she got stuck on the slow computer, Solitaire and Norton Anti-virus protection running in the background. A couple of adjustments, a full computer reset, and everything was back to normal.

We take life more seriously than our parents think. They think when we are on our devices we are always playing games. Not always so. However, we do have the deepest connection and the greatest relation to technology more than any other generation has, starting at an earlier age. We also have had to mature a lot faster, with its use, often times helping our parents with adult responsibilities, such as paying bills, scheduling appointments, taking care of our siblings, handling unemployment issues, shopping, tracking family schedules, applying for financial aid, etc. With all of that going on, we still have our own responsibilities to school, to work, or to our extracurricular activities. According to Amy Lynch, a Generations Expert, technology today plays a major role in iGens life where digital relationships and multitasking on five screens at once are a social norm.

When I talk with my peers, there seems to be a common belief that we all want to work to make our society better in the future so that we don’t have the same problems as our parents. iGens look for solutions to those problems on a daily basis. We function best to our highest potential with technology. We are constantly on social media working together whether it be in a study group or single-handedly gathering information to solve a problem. In our real world we use these various platforms, such as Discord, Snapchat, and Reddit, to connect and express individual ideas and link them together for collective benefit. This communication is effective among my peers at Renaissance High School, where the collaboration through these social medias reduces the vigor. 

With our active minds, iGens will continue to respond to the numerous demands of society, multitasking with technology to find solutions. Our ability to multitask is unparalleled to any other generation. We are merely at the beginning of our development, with much promise in our future. We believe we can make a difference and we can execute this difference in just a day.