Deonte Newsome

What I think my generation does better than any other generation is being able to perform task at a faster past. My generation has the benefit of having better technology than the past generations. The technology we use allows us to get more things done at a faster rate. In some past generations, cars were hand made on a assembly lines, but in the generation we live in today cars are made with the assistance of robotics on an assembly lines for quicker production. In past generations, people use to have to send pictures or letters by mail. In today's world people can send letters and photos by email or even via text message instead of having to wait days for someone to see what they sent. In the past, it took much longer to pave a street than it takes today. With the equipment that has been developed in today's world for a job that may have taken a few days; it can possibly take less than a day for the job to be done. In conclusion, the development of technology has most definitely allowed us to perform task better than any other generation could. I know, years from now this statement will not be true, because technology changes so often and it continues to get even better and faster.