Christina Dandridge

Each generation has exceeded the previous in many different ways over the years. When it comes to my generation, we have utilized the values of branding ourselves, especially through social media. When it comes to businesses it’s usually the start of an upcoming entrepreneur. We are really good at making something unique and branding ourselves with the help of technology. This generation consists of businesses from clothing, hair, and even nails. Now, it’s all about the branding for you. With technology social media has become the main focus of showing your work and helping draw new customers. Other generations don’t really appreciate social media and may look at it as a waste of time. But, for us, it’s more than posting pictures and getting likes. It’s about what you post and who it will appeal to. When you start your own business, you have to make sure you are appealing to the right crowd. Through social media, it’s a place for you to sell your post. For instance, if you’re a nail tech and are looking for more clients you would post “client selfies” to show off your happy clients and their amazing nails. This is how my generation has taken social media and turned it into a business tool.

There are young people my age that have businesses that make lots of money just from customers that they get online. I feel my generation has the technique of branding themselves better than other generations. We are very creative and instead of using social media just for fun, we put our time and hard work into focusing on building a business for ourselves. Without technology we would be lost and left confused. Technology allows you to make websites for your business, which is just another way of selling your product. Online websites can make it easier for people who don’t live in the same areas that you live. The internet also gives the business owner a chance of being international. The generation we live in now is focused and determined to produce and show off their brand by any means necessary. We are not like other generations and we will leave our mark of the world at what we do best. We connect, do business and use technology in new and different ways to succeed.