Chardonnay Richardson

People in my generation verses people in other generations such as my parent's and grandparent's generation. One of the most obvious differences between people in my generation and people in other generations is communication. People in my generation are used to communicating and connecting with one another immediately by using their cellphones or connecting through social media such as facebook, twitter, snapchat, text messaging, emails, etc. However, on the other hand people from other generations are accustomed to what we call "the old fashion way" writing letters, and connecting with people face to face. All in all people in my generation communicate differently than people in other generations. The second obvious difference in education. Most people in my generation attend college and graduate earning a bachelor's and/or master's degree. Most people in other generations were not granted nor able to attend college and let alone earn a degree. People in other generations focused more on working than attending college. So therefore, people in my generation have a higher education than people in other generations such as my parent's and grandparents generation.  

In conclusion, communication and education are the primary differences between other generations and my generation. Each generation can continue to pass on valuable information and lessons to the next generation. Each generation has there one advantages and disadvantages.