Carlos Zelten

Since the beginning of the human race, words and languages have been the core element that allows us to evolve and expand as a race. Words brought new religions, new beliefs, and new concepts that changed the entire course of history. Ideas were then spread through mouth, literature, and passed down from generation to generation. 

I think my generation spreads information, new ideas, and current events and our analysis on it, better than any other generation. I believe it is our knowledge of technology that allows us to share these ideas and information fast. We, as a generation, have become glued to our electronic devices. We have become reliant, and dependent on these mobile devices to communicate. The Internet has allowed us to share ideas, new ideas, and our input on current world events instantly. New platforms of social media have become portals for my generation to rapidly share large amounts of data. Instantly, what we say on the Internet can go viral in a matter of hours. It is not uncommon for my generation to try and actually seek the attention on social media. Others just post and instantly become an internet sensation. 

With the expansion of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, my generation becomes involved in a constant desire to continuously update followers about personal, social and political matters. News becomes instant. Pushed across screens in a matter of seconds, the Internet community becomes aware of it and acts upon it. Shares, likes, and comments are the building blocks of the spread of information. Growing up within the digital age of iPhones and technology, we have almost become one with it. As we grow, so does technology. We have seen the leaps and bounds technology has made, and have seen the impact of the way information and data is stored and collected. 

We, as a generation, rely heavily on social media to catch up with friends. We see what our friends do from Tweets, to Snaps, to Instagram posts. I believe the popularity of all this sharing can become a new way to pass information and new ideas. Now, instead of verbally or physically as it was before our generation, it becomes a digital. It becomes new and fast. 

The next time a major event happens, a new famous dance comes out, I can guarantee that it’s already been shared, retweeted, and posted by millions by the time it comes across your screen. The quickness of the sharing today is astronomically fast. My generation is the digital generation. We will become the new creators of the technologically advanced Earth, as we continue to share and spread new information, new ideas, and current events.