Aurora Nash


I truly believe that Generation Z is the generation of acceptance. My generation is better at being more accepting towards new ideas and others. As a generation we have experienced many harsh times that I believe have made us into stronger individuals. In our short lifetime we witnessed the tragedy of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. In addition to terrorist attacks we have witnessed a plethora of school shootings. Knowing there are people my age who lost their lives in school, was eye opening. Most school shooters tend to be ones who were bullied by others and were not accepted and in retaliation take others lives away from them. As a generation who has watched others of the same age be slaughtered I believe we all want this world to be a better place. Bullying has become one of the top contributors to suicide in this country and I think we as a generation we've come together to better understand each other. I hope we as a generation are able to leave our mark on this world. Each year as we've progressed as students we've taken history classes that taught us about the different wars, and all of them are started because no one took the time to understand each other's differences. Amandla Stenberg, child actress and activist, is someone who expresses her feelings regarding social issues publicly. She wants to spread positivity and make sure the world will be a better place for us all. Like Amandla, we as a generation have come to the conclusion that in order to not repeat the tragedies that we have learned about in our history classes and witnessed first hand we must learn to understand each other and accept our differences. Generation Z has our own individual motivations and desires and I certainly believe that we are shaped by the events that have happened in our lifetime, our experiences with others, and the influences from the people before us. I feel that we as a generation, challenge the ideas of different subjects that society has held in place for centuries. We are innovative and we have had more advancements in technology in the past 20 years than any other period of history. Although we as a generation did not create technology such as computers and cell phones, we have learned how to use them to our advantage and improve upon them. For example, there are people my age in this world who have found full time employment off of different social medias. Twenty years ago it would not have been accepted to make a living off of social media but today it is not a foreign concept. In conclusion, Generation Z is filled with people who strive to make the world a better place by accepting others and we strive to continue this phenomenon by showing our descendants how to accept others.