Ashleigh Garrison

Adults often discuss the millennial generation with disdain, noting our “sense of entitlement, impatience and poor communication skills”. I believe the opposite is true. It is undeniable that growing up in the digital age has made some things easier for us. With the click of a button, I can find the answer to almost any question that looms in my brain. Technological developments have changed the way that information is communicated, but more importantly, technological developments have made millennials better at sharing our beliefs and stances on social issues with each other. Moreover, they have shaped us into strong innovators, who do not see boundaries or limits to what we can create. What does my generation do better than any other generation? We innovate, communicate and fight for what we believe in — in a new, digital way. 

My generation effectively does something that no previous generation has done; we share our opinions on the latest current events with millions within minutes. We can start an online petition that gets people discussing solutions, to challenges that our neighborhoods, cities or even nations face. And we’re really, really good at it, too. We use 140 characters to create a viral caption that propels the entire country to begin working to prevent the same problems from happening again. When something doesn’t feel right to us, or when we’re fired up about rights for women or the disabled, we use or our blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account to express our feelings and rally others. 20 years ago, who would have imagined that a social media platform, fueled by eager, determined millennials, would allow a 16-letter hashtag to catapult into a social justice movement? Or that Twitter would document historical images of millions of women around the world uniting to march for their rights? Social media has shaped us into fearless communicators, willing to use our voices to evoke change and connect with others. 

The millennial generation not only expresses its thoughts, but uses creativity to transform them into reality. My generation possesses a distinct knack for innovating and creating new businesses, inventions and ideas. Whether creating a 3D printer, novel, or the first social justice club in school, millennials are skilled at identifying needs of our communities and filling the gap with our own creations. We crave entrepreneurship more than any other generation, desiring to build an empire and lead others. For us, there is no such as thing as a “lofty dream”, or simply waiting for something great to happen. We take it upon ourselves to make great things happen. We have witnessed some of the greatest innovation in history, and we’re ready to make our own. We know our power, we are not afraid to use it and we will not be stopping anytime soon. Although we are certainly not perfect, one thing is undeniable: we are not lazy.