Ashlei Griffin

Today if you were to ask a group of 35+ year old’s: “What are your views on the younger generations?” Most all of them would say that we have widely changed the world and now they wonder “What’s next?” You’ll be surprised of how my generation is different. We are different in numerous shapes and forms: we form unique mindsets, aspire many goals, establish creative ideas, and most importantly we value the information available at our fingertips also known as the internet. Nearly 10 years ago, the society was not moving quickly as it is today and social media was not very popular. For this reason, the techno world all began from our most incredible historical inventors; Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci who both invented the telephone and Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf who invented the internet.

We are also great academic achievers. The most significant component about having a mind like no other is that you could bring upon lots of positivity into the world. Thus, this leads us into establishing and creating ideas. For example, we have student led organizations such as Leaders of Tomorrow,, and Global Youth Action Network. is one of my favorite student led organizations. Their main purpose is to encourage teens to be more involved in their community, help step out of their comfort zone, and exercise some of their creative abilities. Many teens are in fact active in this organization. They have provided campaigns and activities with names such as “Teens for Jeans”, “Smiles for Soldiers”, “Power to the Period” and many more to attract student’s attention all around the world to become a part of their campaign.

Our goals are such a big asset of our lives. We dream big with no regrets. At a very young age we were constantly asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” now of course we had some interesting answers like being President, Doctor, Superhero, Cartoon Character, or a Scientist. Now as we grow up we realized that we can achieve these goals and we can do anything that we put our focus on. My peers have already managed to start their own businesses and came up with a brand name; "Styles by XOXO" who pursued cosmetology; "Lulu Sweets" by baking homemade desserts; clothing lines by "So Trippy"; and "DD Films" from which photography has become a big interest as well. I believe my generation is the best because together we are incomparable, we lead by creating a change, and have some of the most creative minds ever. We are the leaders of the world.