Amber Abram


Our generation is one that no-one was prepared to handle. Unlike past generations, we refuse to conform. I believe that because our generation does not live in a closed mind, we are transitioning to a judgement free society, we are limiting divides between race, wealth, and sexuality, and we are pushing the boundaries that our previous generations have drawn for us. We refuse to be held back.

Throughout my childhood, I have witnessed people being judged and bullied. That sight, in the everyday world, was not uncommon. What was uncommon was seeing someone intervene and speak up to a bully in defense for someone instead of just being a bystander. As I have grown, I have witness more people standing up for one another, not only in everyday life, but in politics and world society. Our generation has learned to take the time necessary for them to understand each other instead of judging them. We have become more conscious of the different lifestyles around us.

Our generation has pushed to have a more inclusive society. We have opened our minds to new cultures and ways of life, and,in turn, have closed gaps between incomes, ethnicity, and sexual preference. We utilize social media to express ourselves and open up to the world, unlike our past generations. Through social media, we have brung people from all walks of life to one common ground and we have discovered new ways to connect with one another.

In a generation where people are not afraid to speak up, protest, and fight for new opportunities, nothing can hold us back. We have moved, bent, and broken boundaries that previous generations never dared to even come close to.

Therefore, unlike past generations, we are the generation of change. We are the generation that, hopefully, will open the doors for all generations to come.