Alesia Morris


First day back at the gym #TransformationTuesday! Ugh! I have this essay to write that is due tomorrow, someone save me… Snap! Hug a stranger, we need to unify #Love #HugsNotWalls. This all sounds silly, but this is where our generation excels; we capture moments. Our generation, the generation of hashtags and tweets, snaps and grams, is diligent in sharing snippets of our daily lives. Technology has created a new paradigm for data distribution allowing people to almost always be connected with friends, family, and the rest of the connected world. Good times, or bad, happy times, or sad, we capture stories and share moments, hoping to be valued and understood.

My generation is the master of instant expressions. We can tell stories with pictures, expressing our most famous, crazy, and vulnerable moments. A beautiful outcome of this is an understanding that our voice can be heard, something with which, I think, other generations have struggled. We can literally see our voice evoking change, understanding, and support through digital social mediums. My generation, in frustration and anger, materialized change by voicing their disapproval, evidenced by such campaigns as Black Lives Matter and HugsNotWalls.Two side-by-side pictures and the hashtag #TransformationTuesday has enabled people to join in and support their weight loss missions. People, supported by their network, are working to be healthier, to be in better shape, which is all facilitated and made possible through our digital interconnectivity . These avenues enable us to become closer together as a nation in understanding one another’s story. It was my generation who created this.

Past generations have progressed, fought, and voiced what they believed. However admirable, they lacked ownership; their story was not their own. Their stories were funneled and processed through someone else’s thoughts, someone else’s mouth. My generation has the power of personal disclosure. My generation has created a way for us to recount our own feelings, our own thoughts, organically, without having to wait for the news and media to ‘decide’ if our story is newsworthy. With a click of a button, we can share our story with millions, billions of people! People with severe illnesses can see that there are people rooting for them. Their reality involving waiting rooms, awkward stares, family obligations all change with a couple keyboard presses. They could have thousands of people telling them “You can make it!”

I am a part of a generation where stories can be heard, seen, and experienced unfiltered. Through the captured moments of our life, we are able to understand one another and it is through this understanding that we can become united. My generation is the invoker of change and pinnacle of this nation’s unity.