Jarod Parker

In our rapidly changing world, people are required to use more and more technology. Everything now can be sent and processed faster than ever before, so people need to learn and adapt to new things sooner and faster. I feel that my generation is more technologically savvy than older generations.

My generation has many tools and resources available to use in school. We have computers, which can access more information quicker than books. Plus computers can be used for writing essays and looking up information at the same time. My generation has been going to computer class since first grade, to learn different uses. There are many different programs and websites that my generation uses for school, such as Kahoot and Google Classroom. 

Technology has become a big part in our lives. We have used it our entire lives and we are not intimidated by technology. We are open to using it. Technology has always been there, it is not an extra thing for us. We use it as a way to better the world. For example, Facebook was made to help people become more social and connect across the globe.

Going back to technology being intimidating, my mom is a good example. She finds that she understands Apple okay, but when she uses Windows she is confused and does not know how to operate it. Previous generations have had to learn how to us this technology along the way, while we were born into it. My parents generation developed and increased the amount of technology that we have today, such as cell phones, the internent, and computers. But it is my generation who sees technology as normal practice.

Finally, my generation has more access to information and has a broader view of the world. With smartphones, we have access to the entire internet of information. We can, within seconds, see what is happening across the entire world. We can also check with our friends using social media, or communicate instantly with text. The world is a big place but my generation uses it to communicate with people all over the world and I believe this helps us to be more tolerant of other cultures and people.

Technology has become a huge part of our lives, and our generation is the most capable to adapt to the changing world. We have known how to use it all of our lives, and we will be able to use it to better our planet.

Collin Parker

The environment is rapidly changing and I believe my generation can make a difference. The environmental movement began in the 1960’s and 1970’s but was nowhere near as big as it is now. This movement began with our parents’ generation and as a result, we grew up with those ideas and practices. Environmentalism has been etched into our brains since my generation was very young and we have a deep concern for our world’s safety as a result.

Everyone knows the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. All of these ideas are extremely important in order to limit the damage to our environment. My generation has been recycling our entire lives so that it is practically a habit to recycle plastics and glass. Also, there are aluminum can and plastic bottle recycling bins in school and I often see people in school reuse their plastic water bottles as well. At home we have always had a recycling bin, so we have always recycled.

According to many surveys, millennials are also more willing to spend more on products and services from companies that are more environmentally friendly. Many people of my generation are open to using clean energy like electric cars. My generation also is more likely to install some kind of green energy system, like solar power, and use more all-natural cleaning products. We see ourselves as the people who have the responsibility to make our world a better place. 

We are the generation that will shape the future of the environment. However, despite my generations care of the environment, many of us do not consider ourselves environmentalists. We do not require this title because we consider it normal to want environmental sustainability. The previous generations had to learn to be green, while we were raised to be green.

Kraig Sims

"What do you think your generation does better than any other generation? Tell us why."

My generation is the millennial generation. Millennials are growing up in an electronically centered society. We live in a world that is increasingly online and socially-networked. Technology is redefining our experiences in the most unexpected ways. With the advent of many social media outlets such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few, information (true or false) is spread at almost the speed of light to the masses within minutes. We have the highest average number of Facebook friends, and statistics state that we send on average approximately 50 texts per day (Source: Pew Research). We retrieve information and communicate that information faster than any other generation. My generation is also more informed because of it. Practically everyone in my generation owns a smart phone. Most of us stay on them constantly. It’s almost like a second appendage. When we hear information, we spread it practically at the speed of light. We also use social networking to broadcast our concerns as well which influences thousands.

My generation is better than any other generation for many reasons. First, we are growing up with computers and the Internet as substitute teachers. Thus, we adjust easily to new programs, operating systems, and devices. Second, because of social media, we are good at self-promotion and networking through online media. Unlike past generations that seek job security, we seek job creativity. We give one hundred percent to succeed, and we embrace failure as a learning opportunity. We aim for the stars, and if we fall, we get right back up and try it a different way. Third, companies are now more global and interactive. My generation is very use to communicating in a one-to-many paradigm, which is a huge plus for many companies. Industries that have been slow to innovate are finally adopting a web and mobile philosophy. Retail stores are fighting to keep up with the likes of Amazon and Ebay. Job seekers with coding and programming skills are desperately sought out by all types of companies right now. Data analytics, video game design, app development, and software design are industries that are seeking millennial workers with tech expertise. But it’s not only about the skills we bring, but it's also about the way we think. It’s about technology and our relationship with it that is changing everything. We are graduating with both academic skills and inbred behavioral skills that companies will need to engage with customers in a much more meaningful way. Having millennial employees on staff to spearhead innovative ideas in mobile and social media programs, for example, is invaluable for any business of any size, place, or industry.

Harrold Hardaway


Why My Generation Is The Best There Is?
Some people believe that their generation is better than other generations. Some believe that generation is the better one because of how tough they are. Well, my generation is the best because of these reasons why. 

First, my generation is the best because we are hard workers. For example, we work hard to complete goals that we have set for ourselves. Another example, in a community we work hard to create a positive impact. We do this on a daily basis by creating positive impacts within our school neighborhoods by showing that everyone is equal no matter what.

Next, my generation is the best because we know how to show respect in many different situations. For example, in class we show professional respect when we are talking about a topic. We even show respect when a visitor comes, important dignitaries, parents or when anyone else comes in. Another example, we show the right respect when we are at parties and specially gathering by not getting too wild.

Finally, my generation is the best because we accept any challenge. For example, at my school my generation was given the challenge of 100% acceptance to a college. We have all ready out done that challenge. Another example, my school wanted to have 100% of completed fasfa. We are almost there. We are at 95% completed fasfa. This is why we shout accepting the challenge.

In conclusion, my generation is the best not because of strength. But because of hard workers, respect, and accepting the challenge no matter how hard it may be. This is why my generation is the best there is for the 21st century.

Alicia Hadley

My generation, generation Z is better at being savvier than other generations. Each generation had a style that came along with their era which made them different from each other. Generation Z is more diverse and unique. We allow for improvement and growth in society. We are always looking for more.

Generation Z breathes in a world of nonstop technology advances. It seems like each day or week new software or devices come out to the public. In some cases we are the ones that create it or help create it. That could be a phone, software, apps, a computer, etc. We’ll have to quickly adapt to it just to stay efficient and not fall behind. Which brings me to my next point, my generation processes information faster than other generations. We are living and still growing up in this fast life. We learn how to do things sometimes with trial and error or use prior knowledge to figure something out. With all of the technology we can multi-task easier since this is the normal.

We are more resourceful in all aspects of life. We take what is given to us and use it. The phrase “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” is applied to this generation due to the savviness. I would even go as far as saying we’ll make a lemonade stand too. Beside the technology a lot of my peers are taking the entrepreneurial route. They create from the imagination. The technology that they create isn’t always a phone or software but something that makes people of all generations’ lives easier. This could be as simple as finding a new way to protect your clothes. Dreaming and being innovative is what drives us. We want to see each other succeed. We create new ways and ideas to do things.

We are more social, global, and educated. We have social media and can quickly spread information. This generation is absolutely more connected to people around the world than previous generations. We connect with social media like Twitter, Snapchat, or video outlets. I think this permits us to become more aware and learn about cultures different than our own. With this new knowledge we become one and united. Our main focus would be creating our own lives. Creativity is key in this lifestyle. We can invent because we have the sense of being unique. Each person has their own spin or style of life.  

Each generation was different due to the time eras but no generation could be savvier than us. We are diverse, creative, global, educated and social. All of these qualities and traits makes up this generation and allows us to do what other generations couldn’t do. 

Love Sparks

Our generation is the iPod generation, the cell phone generation, the Snapchat generation -- one that speaks through technology. That is how our voices are heard: through texts and messages. We can use technology to enhance our learning and to be able to talk to loved ones who are unreachable.

We have had our beliefs influenced by real-time news from around the world. Within hours (if not minutes) of major events, we've can report events on websites, tweet right in the middle of the action, and shown everyone on YouTube.

It’s common for us to want what we want when we want it the way we want it. We believe that’s right and realistic; maybe even necessary. We can hear a song on the radio, order it from iTunes, and listen immediately rather than having to drive to a store and buy an entire CD. We can see an ad for a movie, order it from Movies-On-Demand, and watch it immediately.

We are not opposed to investigating a variety of ideas and can easily hold diverse ideas. We're open to learning about everything. We love updated information, updated phones, etc. When something is old, we want to through it out and get a new one.

We believe our voices can be heard by those all across the world. And more important, our methods of communication, because they're saved somewhere on the Internet, are immortal. They never go away. With the Internet and books, our ideas and words remain forever.

As a result, we want to change and improve the world. Many of us have high expectations for themselves and are impatient with slow moving bureaucracies.

Jolyna Chiangong

I hold in the palm of my hand a mustard seed. It is tremendously minuscule, dully colored, and goes unnoticed. The seed falls from my hand and is swept away--twisting and turning until it lands and becomes lost in the backdrop of the world. It is overlooked and undermined;yet, it holds the potential to grow through adversity into a prodigious tree. This mustard seed is my generation--undermined and overlooked yet still holding immense potential and tenacity which bypass all expectations. 

My generation has grown in a technologically dominate world. Within a mere few seconds, we are able to access endless amounts of information filled with drastically varying ideals and perceptions. We are exposed to opinions which may be offensive and insolent; yet, we have learned to develop a strong mind towards these ideas. In comparison to past generations, the ability to access this abundance of information almost instantaneously was not available and individuals knowledge of worldly ideas was in some ways filtered. My generation, in comparison to others, is very strong in our ability to excel through adverse and discouraging scenarios. What some may consider “over exposure” by the hands of technology has propelled us to hold intellectual prowess when progressing through external discouragement. As with a mustard seed, my generation holds that ability to grow through the most inauspicious conditions because it has the skill of adaptation.

More so, a mustard is minuscule yet holds the potential to grow into a massive tree. It is often said that my generation may be the one to turn out worse than the previous generations. It is this opposition which quenches our thirst and unique passion and drive to succeed. We are living in a time of continuous innovation, hence my generation has learned to see the many pathways towards success. Often times, our means of advancement are quite different from those of the past but it is through our decision to take a different route that we are leading towards a new breed of leaders to fit the changing times. As a mustard seed is overlooked due to its size, we are undermined for being too “fast paced” or obsessed with “instant gratification”. One must realize that this external perception leads to my generation's progression. We face so much opposition that we have utilized it to feed our hunger to feast in prosperity. 

In totality, our ability to progress through adversity is a characteristic which my generation does better than any other. We use the knowledge of the past to advance in the present and for the future. My generation learned from the civil rights movement to partake in the Black Lives Matter Movement. My generation learned from the ideas and methods of the Women's Rights and Suffrage Movements to help organize the Women’s March. My generation is a mustard seed. We may be considered small and overlooked but this drives our immense desire to succeed and progress through adversity into the massive tree of a mustard seed.

Kaylah Winters

Ever since I was young, I could recall a universal problem that my parents and their peers faced - acceptance. It was always so difficult for them. Even for those who traversed that same familiar path of life, they’ve also took on similar challenges. It was always about who was cool enough, who was pretty enough, who was more athletic or popular enough or who went out with who. Yet, my generation has found that magical key that would put this issue seemingly on a stand still. It’s almost as if we’ve found that secret ingredient to put a stop to it altogether. 

As a unified whole we have proven countless upon countless times of our dedication to making sure that the people of this world would be included no matter who they were. My generation has been one that has been blind to color, blind to sex, religion and preference. We've learned to struggle with our fellow peers in their journey to acceptance instead of watch them fight from afar. If one of us gets our hands dirty in the battle of life then we have decided, as a whole, to all work together to make our lives that much more of a better place. 

My generation knows that we must continue to push forward and break social norms in order to make this world something new and fresh. We make sure to keep our minds focused on one another and the betterment of each other because we know that if one of us fails than we all will fail. We’re all connected in the grand scheme of things so it’s imperative for us to make sure that we all rise and soar with flying colors and to spread positivity around to everyone in our community. 

Marsalis Brockman


My generation is great! We are awesome! Many of our contemporaries just don't see it. We take a lot of ridicule from older generations however; the ridicule received may be well deserved. It seems as though we never are given credit for the good
things that we do well collectively. Yes, there is a lot of violence in my generation, yes, there is a lot of hate and yes and yes, there is a lot of disrespect, but that is only a small piece of a huge pie. 

My generation does a lot of things well and one thing they do better than any prior generation is encourage one another. We live in a time where negative things are always the first things shown and the most things shown, while positive things are not. My generation always does one thing if they do not do anything else and that is encourage. To encourage is to give support or hope and I feel my generation does this better than any other generation. 

Until the end of last year I was overweight. No one ever ridiculed me about my weight, but I was very self conscious about it and it greatly hurt my self esteem. I felt so defeated. After being unsuccessful on a shopping trip; I realized that I had to make a change. I told my friends that I was planning to to lose weight and they gave me a reaction I did not expect. They completely supported me. They told me that they would help me if I needed it and that gave me all the hope I needed to shed the pounds. With the encouragement from my peers I went from 235 pound to 175 pounds in under 6 months. When I posted pics of my progress in Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram friends and strangers would support me. They gave me tips on exercise and diet regimes that worked. My friends were kind, helpful and supportive.  

I have also been able to witness many in my generation show support and encourage their grandparents. Many of our grandparents have grown older but many have physical challenges. I along with many of my friends help assist their grandparents. This is a norm for my generation. We take care of our grandparents and we don't complain about it. My generation supports older generations. The support we give the older generations is a testament to the strength of our encouragement. It gives the older generations hope for our generation when we encourage them and it gives them a breath of life. 

Despite the faults of my generation we are still great. No one is perfect which also means no generation is perfect. As this generation continues to grow into adulthood I have nothing, but high expectations for us as a whole. We will be the generation that changes the world. It is up to us to build a legacy and we can only hope that the following generations will keep it alive.

Markuan Tigney Jr.

For years people have went without the things they need. Whether it be finances, food, clothing, or education. The problem is that people get too comfortable where they are and settle without putting forth a great enough effort to advance themselves. When asked the question what does my generation do better than any other generation, the first thing that comes to mind is that we use our resources. According to Dictionary.com a resource is defined as “a source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed”. My generation understands the importance of taking advantage of resources such as technology, education, and people because we know that they can take us to the next level. 

Because of the improvements in technology the world is at our fingertips. Although my generation uses our phones for leisure, we take advantage of their many benefits. Through YouTube I learned how to tie a tie and to cook black beans. On a daily basis we use our phones to check the news and get free advertising using social media. In previous generations people had to rely on others to teach them what they needed and wanted to know. 

Attending a Detroit Public High School has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that we don't always have books or sometimes even teachers. Even through this students always find a way to succeed through going to tutoring or making extra efforts to get books by ordering them or getting an electronic copy. This is another example of how we use the resources that we have.

Another resource that many generations have not taken advantage of are the people around them. I believe that my generation uses the people around us to help us. We often form study groups and workout partners for encouragement. We treat every person like a million dollars because they may be a CEO of a company one day when we need a job. We take advantage of the lessons and wisdom from our teachers and parents. I am a part of an organization called Michigan Youth in Government which brings together students from all around Michigan and allows us to write legislation that we believe will enhance the state of Michigan. Through this program students have the opportunity to get their ideas heard by real lawmakers which allows us to bring about real change. We know that our power is limited so we use our resources (state legislators) to help us. 

Arthur Ashe said to ”Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” My generation grasps the necessity of using our resources to take us to the next level. We know that we have to work, but we can get so much further if we use what we have instead of trying to do everything on our own. 

David Johnson

My generation is the best generation at accepting new ideas and connecting the world through media based applications. Often referred to as “iGeneration” or “Generation Z”, individuals in the age bracket 5-17 are considered the most tech savvy and welcoming generation to date. We are a community based generation of go-getters that work endlessly to unite people of different races, religions, and genders in an effort to create an inviting and secure environment. In addition, this group of innovators has vastly improved the accessibility of current news and information on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This is a progressive generation that respectfully rejects many social norms of the past and isn’t afraid to let their voices be heard. The general consensus on this generation is yet to be agreed upon, but one thing is for certain: the impact of this generation will live on and inspire the lives of others for generations to come.

While other generations are remembered for their management and organizational skills, Generation Z will be remembered for their ability to adapt with others’ ideas and beliefs. My generation is well known for having the most LGBTQA members than any other generation to date. This is due to our ability to love and accept others for the way perceive themselves and worry less about labels placed on individuals by society. By allowing this sense of acceptance, we are able to create an environment that is more enjoyable and where people can coexist without fear of judgment or ridicule. We are also the most racially diverse group in United States history. Not to mention over half of the population agrees that there are greater times ahead for our country. From our positive outlook on life to our acceptance of others, my generation has shown that the ability to adapt is an essential need in creating a sense of community.

Not only does my generation adapt to new ideas and theories, we create our own as well. One of the most substantial improvements to come from this generation so far is the advancement of social media. By creating applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, people are able to share their thoughts, emotions, and feelings with just the tap of a button. Creating these apps has given individuals the freedom to express themselves in ways never thought possible. Social media even gives companies an avenue from which they can market their products to customers straight to their mobile devices. With the formation of social media, my generation has created a medium for self-expression and enterprise.

In conclusion, my generation has developed groundbreaking ways to communicate with others and establish a sense of belonging in the world today. We may be young, but our drive for improvement allows us to do things once thought unimaginable. Only time will tell what my generation will be able to accomplish, but when it’s all said and done, Generation Z will go down as the most influential generation in history.

Jeanna Washington

She stood amidst the crowd of people, her fist held high and her shouts of protest loud and clear. Her feet were numb, yet she continued on the march, knowing she was taking part in a historic moment. As she walked onward, she noticed a young man waving a flag bursting with the colors of the rainbow. His face was apprehensive, but he held the flag high, proud of himself for finally stepping out from behind his shadow. He turned his head and saw a teenage couple glued to their phones. Unbeknownst to the young man, one was donating money to a worthy cause while the other was registering to donate blood at an upcoming event. Though these individuals do not know each other, they have something in common: they are members of a generation that advocates for social justice, displays tolerance of diverse individuals and uses technology to do good for others, all better than previous generations. They are a part of MY generation, Generation Z. 

Our generation has adapted to countless social changes and taken the initiative to promote equality for all people. We strive to uphold a high level of justice for every person and refuse to idly stand by and allow society to destroy all the advancements we have made. The past several years, our generation has had groundbreaking numbers of people participating in protests and marches. Now, more than ever, we are taking a stand for what is right and spreading awareness of the transgressions faced by numerous groups today. 

Equality is another thing our generation values, and we have progressed significantly from previous generations in tolerating diverse groups of people. No matter the race, religion, or sexual orientation, we aim to accept all. Generation Z is the most diverse generation thus far, and we have a desire to gain an understanding of the varying cultures and beliefs our world has to offer. Our inclination to learn more about others has allowed us to recognize the unique and dynamic qualities each individual possesses. 

Finally, we have been nicknamed the iGeneration for good cause. With all of the new developments in technology, it is not surprising that our generation is known more than other generations for our constant use of the Internet. While many are quick to believe that digital communication has become a barrier to personal relationships, our generation proves continuously that we can use media to benefit others. We are far more innovative than past generations and we take advantage of the technological advancements by using them to better the world. 

Advocating for social justice, accepting diversity, and using technology to improve others’ lives are just a few things Generation Z is doing better than others before us. We are making changes that will be remembered throughout history. The next time you are out, be observant and you just might see another girl with her fist held high, a young man waving a flag, or a teenage couple using their phones for good. 

Aurora Nash


I truly believe that Generation Z is the generation of acceptance. My generation is better at being more accepting towards new ideas and others. As a generation we have experienced many harsh times that I believe have made us into stronger individuals. In our short lifetime we witnessed the tragedy of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. In addition to terrorist attacks we have witnessed a plethora of school shootings. Knowing there are people my age who lost their lives in school, was eye opening. Most school shooters tend to be ones who were bullied by others and were not accepted and in retaliation take others lives away from them. As a generation who has watched others of the same age be slaughtered I believe we all want this world to be a better place. Bullying has become one of the top contributors to suicide in this country and I think we as a generation we've come together to better understand each other. I hope we as a generation are able to leave our mark on this world. Each year as we've progressed as students we've taken history classes that taught us about the different wars, and all of them are started because no one took the time to understand each other's differences. Amandla Stenberg, child actress and activist, is someone who expresses her feelings regarding social issues publicly. She wants to spread positivity and make sure the world will be a better place for us all. Like Amandla, we as a generation have come to the conclusion that in order to not repeat the tragedies that we have learned about in our history classes and witnessed first hand we must learn to understand each other and accept our differences. Generation Z has our own individual motivations and desires and I certainly believe that we are shaped by the events that have happened in our lifetime, our experiences with others, and the influences from the people before us. I feel that we as a generation, challenge the ideas of different subjects that society has held in place for centuries. We are innovative and we have had more advancements in technology in the past 20 years than any other period of history. Although we as a generation did not create technology such as computers and cell phones, we have learned how to use them to our advantage and improve upon them. For example, there are people my age in this world who have found full time employment off of different social medias. Twenty years ago it would not have been accepted to make a living off of social media but today it is not a foreign concept. In conclusion, Generation Z is filled with people who strive to make the world a better place by accepting others and we strive to continue this phenomenon by showing our descendants how to accept others.

Mattie Walton


Smart phones and iPads are to Generation Y, what walk-mans and adding machines were to my mother’s generation. My generation is better at utilizing technology than previous generations because it is our first language. Because we are so comfortable with this new technology, Generation Y has a new way of presenting its creativity and talents to the world. It was made for us and we instinctively use it. For example, Shawn Mendes and Tori Kelly are talented singers who rose to fame through Vine, a social media platform. These days, people are making a career out of Youtubing, something that was unheard of a generation ago. 

Although social media can be an amazing resource there is also a downside. My generation is also known for its carelessness and lack of empathy. So, we should make ourselves aware of how we sometimes misuse social media. Everything is happening so fast that words can be said before we are aware of the harm words can cause. I’ll never forget the news report of Amanda Todd’s suicide, in 2012, after being bullied by an online stalker. There have been countless cases of people in my generation either killing themselves or being emotionally harmed by cyberbullying. 

With the many pros technology and social media offer, there are many cons that cancel out the positives. We must learn how to rectify the cons of social media before it ruins our generation. However, I believe the pros outweigh the cons and that my generation can use this new technology to improve humanity. For example, solar powered sustainable computers are helping students in some rural parts of Africa. While, there is no end to what my generation can do with technology because it is our first language. We must be careful to use it wisely and with empathy.

Mickale Mckithen

81% of my generation has a digital footprint.83% of Americans have a social media account, 89% of teens use social media. What does my generation do better than any other generation: Social Media. We use social media to be discovered, to help marketers, and to self express ourselves to the world.. We like to take pictures, share posts, and send likes to millions. We have made social media the most powerful thing to the world today.

My generation uses social media for publicity. Social Media has made it possible for civilians who were unknown to the world to becoming worldwide celebrities. For instance, Susan Boyle was a 47 year old who was unknown to the music industry. Thanks to social media, she’s now a recording artist and her first album was the number one best selling album on charts around the globe. Athletes also use social media to become sensations just like Alex Tanney. He was an undrafted quarterback with a long shot of making it to the pros. Then, he makes a Youtube video that got out to NFL general managers. He’s currently playing for the Tennessee Titans. Model Kate Upton also use social media to gain success. She struggled to find work until she posted a video of her dancing. She was then able to find work advertising and starred in the movie “The Other Woman.” My generation helps people become stars and icons to others.

Since social media is at the front of my generation and influences futures, marketers have taken notice. Brands uses social media to push their products towards teens and children. Also, brands use social media icons such as youtubers, people on instagram, and people who have millions of fans on Twitter to commercialize their brands on their social media page. Social Media benefits both marketers and celebrities. Celebrities make an average of $75000 per Instagram Ad and $30000 per tweet. My generation encourages brands to be more communicative on social media. It has led to more teens buying their products and brands making more money and creating new customers.

Generation Z uses social media as their diary or daily journal. We post things when we are feeling good, feeling bad, feeling happy, and when we’re feeling sad. We have made other generations become more expressive to others through social media.My generation encourages everyone to post their life so others can tell their life to the people. In fact, 62% of adults (age 65 & older) uses social media. That stat is because of my generation, Generation Z.

Eventually, 100% of the modernized planet will use social media. They will use it for sharing photos, keeping in touch with friends, promoting themselves musically and athletically and social media will be a tool used to create a smaller more marketable global community where individuals and organizations are connected through the click of a button. What does my generation do better than any other generation: We made the world a smaller better place for mankind.

Faith Parker


Our generation is better than any other generation because of the technology driven world we have become accustomed to. With these assets, our generation has been able to conquer new challenges and be more innovative. However, we as a generation, have to achieve greater than others to make our mark in history making us the best. We take risks to show our greatness with creativity, intellect, and our determination used through the innovative technology that has and will be created.

A big difference from our generation and other generations is having the internet in our hands literally. For example, Hand-held devices like Cell phones with so many avenues to use such as, Text messages, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It makes communicating so quick and productive. Varying further from former generation's way of using mail, postcards, and letters to communicate. Which could take days at a time. Now we can just share a meme or photo of a recent event on Facebook and most of our relatives or close friends can see and comment, like, or share it within minutes. Making our generation more interactive than other past generations. Helping us share and obtain more information more frequently than in the past. Making our generation more assertive with stronger views on the world around us. It is much more simple for us to pass off our advantages and discoveries with the next generation so they can be better than us too. Overall, every generation has their ups and downs that help the future be able to excel further than the past generation have gone.

Michael Dean

Columbine. 9/11. The Great Recession. Sandy Hook. Our generation has come of age in an era of tragedies, each one seemingly worse than the last. From a very young age, we have been exposed to the grim aspects of life. Much like the way a baby picks up new words and mannerisms from its parents; our generation has been shaped by these events and countless others on an international, national, and local level whose magnitude has compelled us to view our life and our future in a way very different from generations past. Because of these events, I believe that what my generation does that is better than any other is to redefine the notion of “success” in a way that balances our hopes and dreams for the future, while recognizing the uncertainty of the world in which we live.

Coming of age, a certain point of view begins to emerge in the minds of many in my generation. It is a point of view partially defined by cynicism . . . cynicism towards grandiose “success myths” that shaped the thinking of generations past. These myths were based on notions such as the “American Dream” or being able to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. For our generation, these notions appear elusive in light of current economic challenges, both global and national. We recognize that hard work (alone) and a desire to better oneself (alone) do not guarantee success. We recognize that events out of our control can and do impact our futures. Our generation lives with concerns for our physical safety, the threat of violence becoming normalized to the point that having lock-down drills at school is an accepted part of life. Our generation knows that a dream could be cut short by the seemingly random violence that is part of our world today. 

While many of these events could easily evoke feelings of hopelessness, they also present an opportunity for our generation to look at our futures differently and, in fact, live differently than we would have had we come of age in a different time. We strive to define our own notion of success. Our definition of success is one which recognizes fulfillment not just in the future, but also in the present. Our definition of success recognizes that emotional well-being is just as important as physical and financial well-being. Our definition of success is one where we are actively engaged in the quest to find our passions and to incorporate those passions in our educational path and life’s work. Our definition of success recognizes the importance of being content and happy with our lives as they are now, and not just at some elusive point in the future. While many of us would not have chosen to come of age in these times, it is “what we know” and what shapes us and, as a result, I believe my generation is better suited than any other to create a definition of “success” for our lives.

Hannah Robinson


As a millennial, choosing my generation's best quality proved to be an extremely difficult task. There are many different ideas that come to mind when this question is prompted: our increased political involvement, increase in women's rights, or our different social interactions and technological advances. I believe it to be a combination of all of these things, which can be attributed back to one central thing — our education.

Education has been on the rise in the past few decades. According to PEW research, compared to others, millennials are the most educated generation. This can be credited to the changes that education has adapted to throughout the years of the millennial generation. From one room school houses and all male/white schools years ago, the education system has made positive change to better our society. We now have large schools housing thousands of students from different backgrounds that provide students endless opportunity and support everyday. Today, every child in the U.S, regardless or race or gender, has access to free education from kindergarten through 12th grade. In this time, students are educated and exposed to 4 different major subjects; math, science, english, and social studies. Education standards require each student to partake in these classes thus making us well rounded and educated in different aspects of life. Furthermore, there are more opportunities for students in this generation still in high schools. There are ample amounts of clubs and extracurricular activities for students to further their knowledge in a setting outside of the classroom. This is something millennials should be thankful for, as there are other places in this world such as the Middle East, where education is not always an option.

Through our better education when young, college has become more common for millennials. PEW Research states that 63% of millennials value a college education, of that 19% have a college degree and 44% intend to obtain one. Despite the rising cost of tuition, more and more people are enrolling in college. Millennials see a college degree as a lifelong investment, which explains the rise in attendance. Of millennials 27% of females and 21% of males have college degrees, compared to older generations these statistics are higher as on 14% of females and 17% of males have degrees in the baby boomer generation. As the amount of people obtaining degrees grows, so does our society. Within these statistics it is clear to see that more people are obtaining college degrees, and more importantly the number of women receiving a college education is increasing.

Because of millennials making the most of our education, we have been able to make technological advancements that impact our lives everyday, and medical advancements that were never thought possible. By doing this, we as a generation are creating a better life for ourselves, and setting up a more successful future for our children. The many successes of the millennial generation could not have occurred if it was not for our increased participation and appreciation of our education.

Tasha Young

Life is all about progression. You take one step to get to the next and it improves each time. This goes right along with the progression of each generation. There are many different things that each generation may go through and may do better than the other, it’s inevitable. Each generation helps each other, but each generation gets better and better. The many generations before mine may have done things to help this generation get to where it is now, but I feel that my generation has done a little better. I feel as though my generation is better at executing the given “blueprint”.

It is so amazing to see my generation come together and stick with each other no matter our skin color, religion, or sexual preference. In previous generations, it was often forbidden to intermingle with those that differ from each other. Many people were judged just because someone couldn’t look past a label. Some felt the need for this to change. My generation looks past that, and just accepts people for who they are. Now of days it is common to find a young person to say, that we do not like labels. A label doesn’t mean very much to us. We just want to come together and to be one.

I am absolutely proud to say, that my generation will not back down and take no for an answer. We fight for what we believe in and will continue until we receive the right outcome. It is amazing to see a generation that faces so many different obstacles, come together and fight back against so many injustices. This can range from bullying, sexism, and racism. To successfully do so, my generation uses technology. We use technology as a way to spread out our ideas and help support a cause.

My generation often uses Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Pinterest, and etc., to get our message across or execute the “blueprint”. My generation can get a movement started just by making a simple hashtag. This movement can be started in just a matter of seconds. You can ask anyone one of us, and I am pretty sure that it will be known that our parents and grandparents do not know what a hashtag is. This shows how much my generation cares about the things that are going on in our lives.

It is very true that the previous generations have provided the “blueprint”, but it is also true that my generation is better at executing it. We were given the plan to come together and to fight for what we believe in, and we have done so. We work night and day and sometimes get no sleep just so we can see the changes that need to take place. My generation works together and does not take no for an answer. This shows exactly what I believe that my generation does better.

Ashleigh Garrison

Adults often discuss the millennial generation with disdain, noting our “sense of entitlement, impatience and poor communication skills”. I believe the opposite is true. It is undeniable that growing up in the digital age has made some things easier for us. With the click of a button, I can find the answer to almost any question that looms in my brain. Technological developments have changed the way that information is communicated, but more importantly, technological developments have made millennials better at sharing our beliefs and stances on social issues with each other. Moreover, they have shaped us into strong innovators, who do not see boundaries or limits to what we can create. What does my generation do better than any other generation? We innovate, communicate and fight for what we believe in — in a new, digital way. 

My generation effectively does something that no previous generation has done; we share our opinions on the latest current events with millions within minutes. We can start an online petition that gets people discussing solutions, to challenges that our neighborhoods, cities or even nations face. And we’re really, really good at it, too. We use 140 characters to create a viral caption that propels the entire country to begin working to prevent the same problems from happening again. When something doesn’t feel right to us, or when we’re fired up about rights for women or the disabled, we use or our blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account to express our feelings and rally others. 20 years ago, who would have imagined that a social media platform, fueled by eager, determined millennials, would allow a 16-letter hashtag to catapult into a social justice movement? Or that Twitter would document historical images of millions of women around the world uniting to march for their rights? Social media has shaped us into fearless communicators, willing to use our voices to evoke change and connect with others. 

The millennial generation not only expresses its thoughts, but uses creativity to transform them into reality. My generation possesses a distinct knack for innovating and creating new businesses, inventions and ideas. Whether creating a 3D printer, novel, or the first social justice club in school, millennials are skilled at identifying needs of our communities and filling the gap with our own creations. We crave entrepreneurship more than any other generation, desiring to build an empire and lead others. For us, there is no such as thing as a “lofty dream”, or simply waiting for something great to happen. We take it upon ourselves to make great things happen. We have witnessed some of the greatest innovation in history, and we’re ready to make our own. We know our power, we are not afraid to use it and we will not be stopping anytime soon. Although we are certainly not perfect, one thing is undeniable: we are not lazy.