2016 Spokester Search: Zachary N.

Zachary is a 20-year-old from Howell

Zachary's Situation

I am a student taking a break from school for the semester to rack up cash and focus on personal projects. One of my goals is to create 50 video's by 2017, another one of my goals for the year is to get $1,500 more in my building wealth account.

I'm excited to go back to school, in the coming year. I love to learn and travel as often as possible. I believe in experience over possessions, future gain over present comfort, and effort over prestige. I'm a big endorser of facing your fears, challenging yourself, and always improving.I intend to live a life full of adventure, effort, and gratitude. Our days are numbered, and life is short; appreciate the people around you and apply yourself to everything you do. I know it sounds tacky, but I believe in these things, and stand by them every day.

Zachary's Blog Post

Five ways to save money on a Michigan Vacation

Michigan is wonderful; There’s no other state like it! Taking this into consideration, it's a strong contender for any tourist looking for novelty. But if you’re going to bunk with us there’re a few things you must know before you go wasting hard-earned cash like a you were in Nevada.

1. Bring a Tent

If you’re outdoorsy and adventure-prone a excellent way to save cash is to stay the night at a campground. They’re great! Not only are they cheap, but if you get a fire going, you can meet new people and bond with friendly neighbors. Just make sure you bring bug spray and marshmallows.

2. Put that Phone to Use

There are a ton of Apps for finding great discounts! If you're not using them, you're life is a sham. FourSquare and Scoutmob will help you find all sorts of deals and discounts. Usually, these are only one time occurrences. If you want to find schedules of recurring discounts, there’s also Happy Hour Finder, which will help you find deals, meals, and drinks. Other great Apps for finding activities on the cheap are Groupon and LivingSocial.

3. Frequently find financial-friendly, frugal, free fun 

Believe it or not, there's tons of AWESOME stuff you can do that's totally free! You can go hiking, hit beaches, enjoy nature reserves, and browse botanical gardens. A lot of state parks are free for entry or sometimes they only cost a small entry fee. Take some picnic gear and a Bluetooth speaker and sink into oblivion. The sleepy bear dunes will can be costly. Instead, Hit up the the amazingly beautiful Pictured Rock beach for no charge, or Climb Mt. Avron and see Michigan's Highest point, and burn more calories than cash (plus I'm sure your Instagram followers would think you’re so cool.)

4. Go Grocery Shopping

Eating out for every meal, and using a lighter, are both great ways to burn a hole in your wallet. But if you’ve got any brains bouncin’ ‘round up there you’ll be sure to go to the grocery shopping and stock up. Making your own meals is a time-tested way to save cash, learn a new skill and enjoy a new experience.

5. Skip the Souveniers 

I could be a bit bias because I absolutely detest any and all things tourist. But If you don’t need a shot glass, coffee mug, stuffed animal or weird Michigan key chain that serves no obvious pragmatic purpose; for the love of Michigan don't buy it! I. Don’t. Get. It. And. I. Never. Will.

So there you have it! Five ways, to save money on a Michigan vacation. Thank you Zach. You’re welcome. Now go enjoy yourself, and (trust me) save that money, or pump it back into the economy, I’m not your dad.