2016 Spokester Search: Virgea G.


Virgea is a 21-year-old from Detroit

Virgea's Situation

I am a 21 year old recent graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts. I have dreams of becoming a Media Maven and being a voice for my generation sounds like a great start! I am a die-hard Michael Jackson fan, self proclaimed food critic, and I frequent underground Detroit music showcases in my spare time.

Virgea's Blog Post

How to Save Money on Vacation

It’s that time of the year again and like any sensible Michigander, you’re trying to get all of the bang for your buck! Here are 5 sure ways to keep your budget in tact:

1 When booking flights, I suggest you toggle with websites such as BookIt.com or WatchDogFare.com. These sites also offer group rates as well as flight + room combinations.

2 If you don’t plan on spending much time in your room, or just have a thing for that “at home’ feel, make sure to check out AirBnb.com for a cozy, yet reasonably priced Bed and Breakfast across the U.S.

3 Stock up on snacks! I for one always try to keep at least a fruit cup handy at all times so it is uber important that you grab a few things from the supermarket to last the duration of your trip.

*FUN FACT: A young wild and free friend of mine packed chicken tenders, fries, and all sorts of candy in Ziplock bags for her flight to Jamaica. 

4 Coupons are your best friend. Rather you’re clipping them the old fashioned way or downloading apps like Groupon, coupons are a sure way to save a few dollars no matter the nature of activity.

5 You were introduced to the buddy system at a young age and it’s still in effect in 2016! Friends are great to have on vacation not only for companionship, but they can pick up some of the cost and turn that vacation into a full fledged Bae-Cation. Win-Win

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