2016 Spokester Search: Vanessa C.

Vanessa is a 23-year-old from Sterling Heights

Vanessa's Situation


I am Vanessa Carr, a graduate of Oakland University , where I received my degree in communication and minor in business. My latest venture is my YouTube channel, appropriately named One True Brunette. On my channel, I create fun and silly videos of my different adventures. I have had marketing experience all the way from the “Castle” to the “Palace”. That’s right! “Princess Vanessa” has been at the Tea Party Castle for the last three years. As the hostess of royal parties, the “Castle” is where I live out my dreams by making others’ dreams come true! In addition to these events, I travel in my “carriage” to faraway lands where I promote the “good news of the kingdom”! The part I look forward to the most is being able to connect, inspire, and create instant intimacy with new friends.

For the last two NBA seasons , I have been a vocalist for the Detroit Piston’s House Band at the Palace of Auburn Hills. I also acted as the band’s marketing liaison and social media extraordinaire! In the band, I am called “V”, but I am also referred to as Lola, when I perform in the Barry Manilow tribute show!

I held an internship position in the promotional department of the following radio stations: WJR, WDVD, and, NASH FM. There, I created advertisements to encourage listeners to tune in while promoting the stations at various public relations events outside the studio. Some of my most rewarding and cherished achievements have been performing the National Anthem on the Frank Beckmann Show on its 200th anniversary, and, just recently singing it at a Detroit Lions game. 

I am currently a volunteer at Beaumont, where I sing for hospice and rehab patients. I partnered with Beaumont and raised $1,000 for Children’s Miracle Network in 2013 by participating in Detroit’s National Singing Star competition and was awarded the title of first runner-up. Being in the position to give back to the community is a responsibility and true honor. 

SIDE NOTE! As a child, I loved Barney the dinosaur, which brings a certain song to mind. So, in the spirit of a singing, purple dinosaur: “I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, TO-GE-THER WE’RE YOUNG AND FREE” … you know the rest… 

Vanessa's Blog Post

Vacation time is almost here! Do you want to get the most BANG for your buck? Here are five tips that will help you get the most out of your “Michigan Adventure”! 

1. Before you leave, check out websites such as Groupon or livingsocial for discounts on Michigan attractions. These sites significantly reduce the price of festivities through discounted offers and coupons. The reward? Do more and pay less! Perhaps that dream of a hot air balloon ride or skydiving may finally come to life! 

2. Carpool! If you’re vacationing with a group of friends, drive together, and split the gas cost ! Also, choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle among the group. Be sure to research “maps and apps” online to find the least expensive locations to stop for gas along the way. Don’t forget your favorite playlist! 

3. Bring food with you! Nothing flattens the wallet and expands the waistline more than stopping for fast-food. Making a trip to the grocery store during your vacation takes time, and prices tend to be more expensive upstate. Pre-plan your meals , and pack a cooler. Be sure to pick up a bottle of sunscreen, too! Sunscreen is usually more expensive in “touristy” areas. You can’t forget the marshmallows in case you…

4. Go camping!!! Luckily, there are beautiful campsites and areas to embrace nature in Michigan. Camping can be very fun and, often, does not cost a dime! Pitching a tent is a great opportunity to experience the magic of Michigan!

5. If you decide to stay at a hotel, make it a bed and breakfast ! These comfy places offer the same benefits as hotels and, often, do not charge for amenities such as bottled water, breakfast, and happy hour! Not to mention, Wi-Fi , concierge service, and parking! ALL FREE! Before you head out for the day, check with the concierge for substantial coupons and local deals!

*BONUS: When many people think of a Michigan getaway, their first thought is to go up north. How about considering a vacation in “the D”? Be a part of the exciting renaissance that is the MotorCity! Detroit is in the midst of a breakthrough! Many young adults know all about the rebirth of our beloved city, and they are actually the reason it is making a comeback. However, many do not know about the revival of the metropolis called Detroit. You only know if you go. TRUST ME! Concerts, museums, shows, farmers’ markets, picnics in the park, boat races, festivals… ALL FREE! You will be pleasantly surprised to discover what is in your own backyard.

Well, there you have it! Five ways to save on a Michigan vacation! Think outside the box, and make it a game of who can spend the least in order to do the most! Remember, preparing the correct way will allow you to take more trips like this in the future! Safe travels!