2016 Spokester Search: Toi C.

Toi is a 21-year-old from Macomb

Toi's Situation

Hey you, my name's Toi!

I'm a 21 year old recent graduate from KSU and i'm here to change the game. I'm an entertainment news& social media junkie and a writer with a passion for Oprah, saving money, and green smoothies. I love making videos, creating dope content, and going on spontaneous adventures. 

I want to be an entertainment reporter and a talk show host. I get all the practice I can now doing local reporting and making blogs on my Youtube channel Toi Talks.

I've gotten to interview some really cool people in some really cool places, but there's nothing like being back home in Michigan and helping out where it all started. I'm such a firm believer that life is this crazy adventure and we're all along for the experience. Take a ride with me on the pathway to success.

Toi's Blog Post

5 ways to save money (and have the time of your life) on a Michigan vacation

1. Spend money

Sounds crazy right? But hey, let's be realistic. You're going on a vacay and it's time to indulge and let the dollars fly. But hey, don’t go broke-PLAN IT OUT. A few weeks before traveling (or if you’re like me months) skip out on the fast food, extra shopping trip, or whatever your vice is. Instead, use the money you would be spending towards your vacation time. If you find yourself riding the struggle bus, just visualize your awesome vacation and that should make things easier. 

Acknowledging that you're going to spend money is the first step, but to avoid post vacation spending blues you have to be realistic and....

2. Make a budget 

Whether willing to splurge or balling on a budget, you can still have fun regardless off how much money you spend. Set a number you're comfortable with and then... STICK TO IT ←This is especially important. There’s no point on writing a plan if you don’t follow it. Get a buddy to hold you accountable, or even better try stopping by your local Michigan First credit union and ask your client representative for help! 

And hey, don’t forget you can always go further and break up your budget. Try looking at your spending patterns. Where does most of your cash go? I’ll normally break my budget into food, travel, and fun. You especially might wanna save a few extra coins for travel because Lord knows gas is higher than a lost kite. *insert corny joke groan here. 

NEXT, on vacation plan beforehand and…

3. Scope the scene

You gotta do something on vacation. right?!

Whether you're traveling up north, to the heart of Detroit, Frankenmuth, Grand Rapids, the beach there's always something fun, and more importantly, FREEE.99 to do. Wherever or whatever you’re visiting, look for some tourist attractions and see if anything sticks or is interesting to you. Most cities, counties, etc. will have a website showing local activities, but for my spontaneous folk, events often pop up too. 

A festival, an art gallery,etc. not everything has to cost cash. Make sure you…

4. Dive for Discounts

The best part of planning ahead—you find deals. Most of the time if you order tickets online or bring your student id you can get a discount. Most business or ticket sellers luhh da kids and they'll offer you a discount for being a student. Every dollar counts right? Also look at flyers and check online for coupons/groupons. 

And last but not least…

5. Make a top 5

What's your vacation about?! Is it relaxing, visiting tourist attractions, finding a hidden treasure, hanging with friends? Remember it's YOUR vacation, so knowing what you want to accomplish helps. Make a top five of everything you want to do so you come home relaxed.

Michiganders, spend your vacation having fun not spending all your funds. Stay young and free