2016 Spokester Search: Tiffany W.

Tiffany is a 23-year-old from Novi

Tiffany's Situation

Hey Guys ! My name is Tiffany Brand, I am a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, I am an entrepreneur and multi media personality who own a women's Life style brand Knockout LLC. I also recently started my youtube channel ' Life Moments with Tiffany brand' where give life advice , inspiration and motivation to young adults. I have a passion for blogging, vlogging, hosting events, and creating new innovative ideas!

Tiffany's Blog Post

It is so easy to go on vacation in get caught up in moments of fun and leisure to the point where you actually forget that there is life in the “real world” after vacation is over. Now of course having fun and treating your self is the whole point of a vacation, but you also want to be smart about your money and not splurge beyond your means. 

This year I decided on a Michigan vacation and I want to take you guys along for the ride. The purpose of this Blog is to share what I’ve learned thus far - five great ways to save money on a Michigan vacation. 

  1. Plan Ahead - Well-established plans have the unique ability to remove stress by making the unknown known. When you have a really good idea ahead of time what you want to do on your vacation, it enables you to set a better budget your Michigan vacation. 
  2. Create a Vacation Savings- Think about how stressful it is to worry about what you’re spending while you’re on vacation. Think of the arguments it creates with your significant other to have to unnecessarily “penny-pinch” while you’re on vacation. Money stress will definitely dampen and perhaps eliminate your ability to enjoy your vacation. Saving for your Michigan vacation will give you a sense of emotional freedom while you’re on vacation – which frees you up to have a greater connection with, and actually experience the vacation. A simple way to start saving is to take the total amount that you will need, add 10% more and divide by 24 (assuming you get paid twice per month). Add that to your vacation savings without fail. You will be so happy that you did.
  3. Utilize your smart phone- Now this I find really helpful! When I go on vacation I create a phone note for each day with the amount I have to spend for that day. In my phone i keep track each time I spend something and I subtract it from my budget for that day. Creating daily budgets in your phone note will help you stick to the plan, and stay on track! 
  4. Keep In mind the fun activities that are cost efficient- There are so many fun things to do in Michigan that are very reasonably priced. The Detroit Institute of Arts is a great example. If you are a resident of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties you receive free unlimited general admission. The key is to Maximize the available free/ low-cost activities that are available to you. 
  5. Grocery Shopping-Remember: small amounts of spending at gas stations and convenience stores for quick snacks add up really quickly. So a trip to the grocery store on your vacay will help you save those extra pennies on food and snacks.

I hope you guys find these five tips for saving money on your Michigan vacation helpful! If you follow these steps, you will have a much richer experience on your vacation.