2016 Spokester Search: Taylor B.

Taylor is a 23-year-old from Detroit

Taylor's Situation

My name is Taylor Bembery. I am a 23-year-old budding journalist and lover of life from Detroit, Mich. In December of 2014, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism from Jackson State University. I moved back to Michigan (because there’s no place like home), after completing my degree. I am currently a contributor for Michigan’s most popular weekly alternative newspaper, Detroit Metro Times. I truly enjoy being able to inform people about what's going on, in and around Detroit through the publication. Other than my educational background and my experience, I love to laugh and meet new people. I’m sure I can educate millennials about finance and have a little fun while doing it!

Taylor's Blog Post

Being that most millennials are balling on a budget, it’s probably easier to find comfort close to home when going on a vacation. The idea of a getaway in Michigan might sound dull compared to the sun kissed sands of Cancun, but the reality is, The Great Lakes state has so much to offer. While preparing for your expedition, the least of your worries should be what’s inside of your pockets. So sit back, relax, and cruise on your journey to financial freedom with these five frugal ways to save on a Michigan vacation. 

1. Ditch the Hotel…Pitch a Tent

Most vacation destinations in Michigan are surrounded by the great outdoors. Warmer weather is approaching, so the idea of ditching the hotel and pitching a tent is not farfetched. Sure, you’ll miss the free mini shampoos but camping out is actually a fun idea to do with friends. An average tent that holds three people can cost as low as $50 and there is no nightly rate. You also now own a tent that you can reuse (sounds like an investment to me).

2. Discounts, Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Oh My!

Maybe the idea of pitching a tent is overwhelming for some. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to afford a hotel room if you work your magic correctly. Magic meaning: money savers aka discounts, coupons, and loyalty cards. There are so many discounts an individual can obtain when booking a hotel room, buying gas, and even snacks for the road. The discounts with the most significant savings are employee discounts. If you know a family member or friend that works at a hotel, before booking your reservation ask them can you use their employee discount code. Don’t forget to ask about student, military, or insurance provider benefits as well. 

3. Put the Pedal to the Metal, Ride a Bike to your Destination

Biking is eco-friendly and easy on the pockets. So instead of driving, make your vacation an unpredictable adventure. Pick your destination, grab a backpack, a biking buddy, and let the good times roll. Some phone app GPS systems can compute faster and safer routes for cyclists, so you won’t get hurt or lost along the way. 

4. Travel on an Interstate Mass Transit System

You can save more money traveling on an interstate mass transit system than driving your own vehicle. Vacations are for relaxation, so let a professional handle all the dirty work such as the long drive, pumping gas, etc. Michigan is huge, so some popular vacation spots could be more than eight hours away if you reside in the southeastern part of the state. For example, a one-way bus ticket from Detroit to Mackinaw City can be as low as $48 and that’s before applying discounts. 

5. Refrain from Splurging on Unnecessary Items

Focus on enjoying your vacation rather than spending money on things that can be bought anywhere at any time. You don’t have to splurge or drain your bank account to have fun.