2016 Spokester Search: Sydney B.

Sydney is a 21-year-old from Detroit

Sydney's Situation

Hey There! My name is Sydney Bowden and I am a senior at Western Michigan University majoring in Film, Video, and Media Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising and Design. Currently I produced a weekly broadcasted web show, The Social B. Show! With the purpose of encouraging and inspiring viewers to freely display their talents and become leaders of their society, The Social B. Show stands to inspire all! In my spare time I enjoy blogging on my website, The Social B., and vlogging through my YouTube channel. I encourage that if you may have time to please visit my website to learn more about myself. A famous quote that I love to live by states, "In order for us to be successful, our desire for success has to be greater than our fear of failure!"

Sydney's Blog Post

Save today to pave the way! 

Pave the way to be able to take vacations and go as many places as you desire. 

Let’s talk about your next Michigan adventure! Do you believe that it’s possible to save while you’re vacationing? Well allow for me to be the first to tell you that it is indeed possible! 

Here are five easy tips you can use to help you save on your during your next Michigan vacation: 

Ditch The Plane And Take A Road Trip…

Avoiding paying airfare and choosing to drive is one great way to avoid a costly trip. Make sure that your car fully inspected, prior to your trip, to ensure that once you hit the road your car rides smoothly. Renting a hybrid car could also help to save on gas. Pack a cooler full of snacks and plenty of water to avoid costly pit stops as well. 

Outdoors Activities At A Discount…

Opt out of paying high-priced rates for fun, and search for fun at a discounted rate. Search for group rates and discounted prices for stay throughout various near by hotels or motels. Consider staying in motels instead of hotels, and remember…you don’t have to necessarily stay in the city that you’re visiting. 

Travel During Slow Periods…

Traveling during the least popular periods will surely reduce your cost by a lot. Price-cutting, special offers, and even freebies are offered almost everywhere. During these times hotels, tour operators, travel agents and many more love to attract paying customers with discounted rates. Take advantage of these deals and pay less!

Explore For Free…

Of course you can certainly pay for the perfect touring agency to show you their perception of the City’s best. But if you’re like me when you’re visiting a major city you’ll enjoy walking tours better known as sight seeing! Guess what? It’s free! You’ll have a chance to breathe in the city’s history while stumbling across some pretty interesting people along the way. 

Avoid Eating Your Wallet Out… 

Although vacation is a moment for you to enjoy yourself, it’s also one of the most important moments to watch your eating habits. It’s ok to enjoy eating morning, noon, and night, but if you’re considering eating at major chain restaurant aim to eat during lunch. The cost of food is usually half the price during that time. Packing plenty of snacks and water will come in handy you in case you become hungry while you’re out having fun.