2016 Spokester Search: Steffie S.

Steffie is a 22-year-old from Clinton Township

Steffie's Situation

"Don't change that channel! Up next we have the world renown reporter, Steffie Solomon, with the latest news and entertainment" ... is something you're going to hear in the near future so stay tuned!

When I'm not trying to save the world with laughter one YouTube/Dubsmash video at a time, you can find me rounding up volunteers to revamp Detroit to its former glory and updating social media because I love staying connected! Superheroes, extra whipped cream on waffles (Leslie Knope style of course), dubstep music, makeup and various flavors of coffee are the keys to my heart. 

I am a girl with dreams because I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
I'm beyond excited to have this opportunity from Clinton Township :)
With a whole lot of class, and equally enough sass... I am Steffie Solomon!

Steffie's Blog Post

*Insert Tim Allen's PureMichigan voice-over here*

From the only state that gives you a high-five, here are five ways to save money on a Michigan vacation!

1) First things first, set a budget!
Know how much you want to spend on everything from transportation to food, including tipping your server - remember to take care of those who take care of you! Round up when making calculations, so you can ball out with extra money that is left over. 

2) An app a day keeps the worries away!
Groupon and LivingSocial are great ways to see local deals, and get the most bang for your buck.
You can also consult with a travel agent. It is literally their ONE JOB to help you find the best deal.
It is also a smart idea to get those early park passes - you can just stick em' on your car and it's hassle free!

3) Are we there yet?
Drive your own car!
Even though Ice Cube would be an awesome chauffeur, driving yourself is cheaper than paying for multiple UBER/taxi rides. It is also close to impossible to rent a car when you're not 25, but using public transportation is deff an option.

4) Get down and dirty!
If you want a job done right, just do it yourself.
So instead of eating out at a restaurant, check out a local farmer's market with your pals.
Put all of those hours watching The Food Network to use and BAM! Cook up a fresh meal!

5) Can I see some ID?
You can thank the hours of waiting at the Secretary of State for all of the discounts that your IDs can help you get. Student and military IDs are important to have on hand, just flash those pearly whites and save some major moolah. 

All things said, you're on VACATION.
It is your number one goal to actually HAVE FUN.
Just don't live outside your means so that your future self won't hate your vacationing self's choices.