2016 Spokester Search: PhaShunta H.

PhaShunta is a 22-year-old from Ypsilanti

PhaShunta's Situation

Greetings all! My name is PhaShunta Hubert I am a fiery 22-year-old dedicated correspondent and journalist. I currently attend Eastern Michigan University and I have an Associates degree in applied Science that I earned at Washtenaw Community College. I absolutely love reporting and all things technology related. I recently was featured on Black Enterprise (a popular magazine for entrepreneurship, technology and personal finance) for my impeccable work ethic. I also was (picked out of thousands) invited to the White House for a “Instagram” event because of my social media skills. In addition, I have been seen on FOX,Vh1 and MTV as a guest correspondent. While interning at Clear Channel Communications for both of the programming and promotion departments I ran my own media company too. Two years ago after learning how to brand and market myself I started MissPhaShunta.com, a news and entertainment site. On there I conduct my own cel ebrity interviews and broadcast my many talents to the world. I have interviewed Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III, Keke Palmer, Erica Campbell, Tyrese, Angie Stone, most of FOX’s Empire cast members and much more which all can be seen on my website. My own personal work has led me to conduct red carpet interviews for BET, Centric, TVOne, Nickelodeon and more. Other than my educational background and my experience I am a fun spirited young woman who enjoys to shop, watch films and travel. Public communication is all I do, I am so ready to educate millennials about finance! 

PhaShunta's Blog Post

Remember that old saying, don’t go broke keeping up with the Joneses? Well, listen, I have a secret to tell you. You don’t have to go broke planning a fun Michigan vacation either! I am going to give you five cool insiders on how you can have an enjoyable getaway on a budget and still have a lavish time. 

Utilize your phone

In today’s world of technology Androids and iPhone users have the option of downloading apps on their phone. Popular apps such as Priceline, Hotwire, and Orbitz can be extremely useful when it comes to searching for a hotel, car rentals or flights for low prices. This is an excellent way to save big money! 

2. Student and Military Perks

If you’re a high school or college student take advantage of the discounts that may can apply to your purchase. This pertains to those who have previously served and who are currently serving our country as well. Trust me student and military ID perks are something to be proud of!

3. Shopping for food

Of course while traveling you might want to try new restaurants because it is a new experience and town. Nothing is wrong with that at all. But how about dividing some of that time in half to go grocery shopping too. Meals can be costly and in most hotels you have a small refrigerator so you can stock up lightly on a few things. 

4. Public Transportation 

A great way to keep a few bucks in your pocket is to do some research on public transportation in the city you’re traveling to. For example, Minneapolis has a good train system that transports travelers almost anywhere such as to the mall, local airports and hotels. Be smart about your decisions and do your research. Almost every city has several public transportation options that will save you an arm and a leg! 

5. Cash back please

Before your trip head your way to the bank and withdraw some money out. We all can get carried away sometimes swiping our debt or credit card. But what if you’re somewhere and the card isn't accepted? Now you have to depend on that non friendly ATM that like to charge fees. To spare you some trouble pocket some cash safely into your wallet. 

Now take these five tips and go have the time of your life!