2016 Spokester Search: Nigel W.

Nigel is a 19-year-old from Warren

Nigel's Situation

Hello! My name is Nigel Watkins. I am from Warren right outside of Detroit, I currently am a freshman at Olivet College. My major is psychology and my ultimate goal is to have my own clinical psychologist business.

Nigel's Blog Post

Are you going on vacation? Do you go over the amount of money that you intend to spend? No need to stress anymore I’m here to encourage you on ways that will help you save money while having an spectacular time; in fact, it will allow you to enjoy your vacation even better. 

1. Set a spending limit- I know for some this could be very hard but it could be much easier if you set a limit and stick with that amount. Before you go on a Michigan vacation take out the amount that you intend to spend for the entire vacation. Make sure you take cash and leave your credit cards at home, this not only helps you to set a limit but it also prevents credit fraud. Now, at the beginning of every day on which you are on vacation set another spending limit and put the rest up.

2. Plan ahead of time- This is very important because it allows you to know how much money you will need ahead of time. So before vacation plan out the activities, restaurants and other things that you plan on and would like to do. Planning ahead of time allows you to check prices so this could benefit you saving. 

3. Saving loose change- What I mean by this is so when you go to a store or anything like that and you get coins for change have a jar or bottle and put the change in there. Although it may not seem like something you would want to do, it will help you later on and that change will eventually add up. Just think about it, say you’re going on vacation for two weeks and every morning you get breakfast at a fast food restaurant and your total comes out to be $4.36 and you pay with a five dollar bill every time. Your change would be $0.64 and for two weeks it will add up to $8.96 and that’s not including the change you could get from any other place, so I encourage you to keep your loose change and save it also.

4. Find the right events that are not costly- Finding the right places and activities could be essential and important for saving money while on a vacation. Find the places that attract your attention and that you find will benefit you and your vacation. This should help you so you can map how your spending will be and this could help you plan out your entire day. Also, now that technology is becoming so important in today’s world you should download a free app that will help you find the perfect place to go that is also cheap.

5. DON’T buy souvenirs- I repeat don’t buy souvenirs at least those that don’t have any meaning like glasses, cups, key chains etc. I encourage you to take more pictures than to spend money on a meaningless souvenir. For one they are so much cheaper and the meaning will stay longer.