2016 Spokester Search: Netoria H.

Netoria is a 22-year-old from Detroit

Netoria's Situation

I am a recent graduate of the illustrious Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. I just completed two internships. One with Quicken Loans under the closing support team where I learned about all aspects of the company and the other with Elevation Nation Media where I did a lot of community and hands-on broadcast work. 

I am currently in the beginning stages of starting my own blog/vlog. I have nothing particular that i am interested in talking about, Im just a lover of life and I love to make a lasting impact on every person I encounter. I want my blog to interest people in my age group and make them feel like someone relates to every real life thing that they deal with. I want to be a role model for my peers and I want to encourage people to believe that life is always beautiful. My blog will have something for everyone and I am so excited to launch! This is just a small portion of the goals I plan to accomplish in the world of Journalism.

I live by the words young and free! I am currently traveling every chance that I get, mentoring young girls that I met thru church and school, and teaching my new baby boy that the SKY is the limit (when you work hard) by example! 

Netoria's Blog Post

Life is to short not to travel! There is so much beauty in the world, you just have to get out and see it for yourself! Michigan is an amazing state and a great vacation destination in any season! Here are a few tips to make your vacation stay in Michigan go that much more smoothly! 

1. Plan Ahead

The further ahead you plan things, the cheaper that they will be. When planning a trip, paying for things as far in advance as possible only makes it less expensive for you. Thinking about taking a trip? Do it! Just plan your trip a few months in advance and pay for different things here and there (hotel, transportation, things to pack in your luggage) and by the time that it is actually time for you to go, all you will need to worry about is spending money!

2. Use extended stay hotels instead

Extended stay hotels define the phrase "Getting more bang for your buck!". They give you plenty of nice amenities for a much lower price and they tend to have more of a homey feeling. Take advantage! 

3.Dress for the weather

Michigan experiences all four seasons in full force! So if it is hot outside, prepare for it to be very hot and if it is cold outside, prepare for it to be VERY cold (Michigan winters are amongst the coldest)! Pack appropriately for the season and the forecast or you will find yourself spending unnecessary money on clothes during your vacation!

4. Make lasting memories that you can save right to your phone instead of buying souvenirs.

Face it! This is the age of the smart phone. We have all of these electronic devices that shoot ASTONISHING pictures and videos. While on your Michigan vacation, partake in every attraction and capture every moment that you possibly can via video and pictures. It will be so much more enjoyable to look back on as oppose to wasting money on a souvenir that you probably wont even be able to find in a few months! 

5. Utilize discounts!

There are so many different types of discounts. Put discounts that apply to you to use such as student or military discounts! There are discount websites like Groupon, as well! Check all of that stuff out and see what applies to you! I guarantee that if you spend a little bit of time looking for discounts, you will find SOMETHING that will apply to you and just that quick you saved some money. 

Take advantage of these tips and make your vacation in Michigan unforgettable!