2016 Spokester Search: Natasha B.

Natasha is a 25-year-old from Southfield

Natasha's Situation

Currently I'm an employee at Meijer, but my major goal is to have my book published. I'm an avid writer and very up to date with most social media platforms, especially with the presidential election.

Natasha's Blog Post

My suggestions for money saving on vacations: Have a food budget (keep each meal under $7 if you can). Don’t buy useless souvenirs with your names on them. That’s what your camera’s for, to capture the moment. You CAN’T do everything! Pick a couple of events that sound the most exciting and do those. Don’t want to pay so much for a room, then take your family and friends along. It’ll be like a giant sleepover. And my favorite word, coupons. Look out for those because they can come in handy.