2016 Spokester Search: Keith J.

Keith is a 19-year-old from Grosse Pointe

Keith's Situation

I'm a growing YouTuber, aspiring engineer/designer hybrid person thing, and surprisingly a huge nerd. I also like to think of myself as an entrepreneur.

Keith's Blog Post

Hey guys, :Darrel here with some more easy breezy ways to manage your money. So spring break is just two weeks away and if your like me, you've got one question in mind, is my professor going to be a jerk and give us homework over the break, cause don't nobody got time for that. If you are lucky enough to have those cool professors, you're now wondering what is their to do with life when there's no school. Many people will get the Netflix watchlist all set and ready to go but us more adventurous types are looking to go vacay. For you guys, I'm gonna share how you can get away on a limited budget. 

First things first, don't be a loner. Bring friends. Emphasis on the "s". Often times, the more people you can recruit, the lower the out of pocket cost each person pays. This is especially helpful when booking hotel rooms. 

Also, stay here in Michigan. I know, you're like what, know way, I'm going to Miami... but here me out. Staying here in Michigan cuts way down on travel expenses. Save the big out of state trips for the summer. Besides I often times find myself amazed by how cool Michigan actually is. We live in a great state with plenty of things to do. We (including myself) often times take it for granted, but non-Michiganders know. That's such an odd sounding word. 

Smart tip #3. Make a mini budget. What should this mini budget entail? Great question. A good mini budget should state how much you a willing to spend comfortably while you are away. It should show how those funds would be divided. Obviously the categories are not going to be as extensive as your regular life budget but categories such as food, travel ect. are good ones to have. 

This next point kind of ties in with the previous tip. Do some light research on the area you are going to so that you can map out and plan what major venues and attractions you may want to visit. This helps you stay on track with your mini budget because it familiarizes you with the different price points of the area before you arrive. 

I've got one more money saving tip for you and here it is. Go on a diet while your away. What... Think about it. If your not eating as much, that's less money you have to budget towards food. Not having it... Well I tried.