2016 Spokester Search: Jamiel S.

Jamiel is a 22-year-old from Wayne

Jamiel's Situation

Currently I am a senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn that is majoring in economics and minor in business management. I work part-time at BestBuy and find time to market friends businesses. I am the Chief marketing Officer and Treasurer for the Economics club at University of Michigan-Dearborn. I also manage a barbershop and lounge area through social media.

Jamiel's Blog Post

The absolute best way to save money a Michigan vacation is by first planning for the vacation. Before traveling anwhere one must be prepared for the journey. Researching the popular areas, looking for fun events, and pricing each thing is the most efficient way to spend you money. Even more important than money is your time. If you use your time well during the vacation you will save on money and be able to experience all the fun things it has to offer. The second thing is to budget your expenses. After you research the potential areas make a budget so you will not overspend. It could leave one feeling guilty after the vacation is over. A third small tip is to bring cash so you can be much more conscious about your spending and only having credit card for emergency purpose only. Another easy tip that anyone can follow is to enjoy the states national parks, beaches, festivals, museums, and other fun events that are free. This saves money but mo re importantly you will enjoy your vacation that much more. The final aspect of making this vacation a fun and exciting is to have the right mindset about the vacation. This is the most important is to have a open mind about the plan you have in place. Being strong minded and creative is key to following through with the plan for a successful outcome.