2016 Spokester Search: Dunia J.


Dunia is a 25-year-old from Dearborn

Dunia's Situation

Hello my name is Dunia Jomaa, I am currently working independently on a bunch of different things. I have had a few different jobs from working at a Detroit magazine to working in social media and marketing to 3D modeling. I started my own company over the summer last year and it has been great being able to have the time to do the things I love with a lot more freedom. I have become pretty well rounded by working in so many different fields. I am always ready to take on something new and exciting. I'm a writer and I live for creativity and storytelling. I also have a passion for many things like photography, film and art which I enjoy working on in my spare time!

Dunia's Blog Post

5 Ways to Save Money on a Michigan Vacation 

1. Do some internet searching: Your iPhone’s already in your hand, just tap that safari icon and get searching. There are so many beautiful yet affordable places to visit in Michigan. Saving money is the key here so that means research is numero uno. How do you begin this search you ask? michigan.org is great place to start, there you will be able to search exactly where you want to go and what each city offers, from activities to places to stay to local attractions and fun in the sun or snow...its Michigan, people! 

2. Save that money: The next time you think about buying those shoes or that purse or maybe some new tech thingy think about your next vacation first. That money will come in handy later when you’re ready to embark on an awesome adventure across the great state of Michigan. Saving a little bit of that hard earned money will be all you need to enjoy an epic getaway. 

3. Resting your head: The best way to save money when it comes to vacationing in Michigan is finding the right place to stay. A place that feels like home but also feels like a nice getaway. Bring food with you because it will save you tons. Picking a place that has a full kitchen and living area is ideal for spending less on food and entertainment. Thats means a hotel with a kitchenette, perhaps a cabin or a cottage. Or maybe you have that one friend who’s family owns a place up north and that means a free place to crash. 

4. Discount Vouchers: Groupon, Living Social and other discount sites are great for getting deals on everything from hotels to food to entertainment and especially activities. When you join these sites you will get exclusive deals on anything and everything which will save you a lot on your Michigan vacation. You will be able to go jet skiing, kayaking, snowboarding you name it, for way less. 

5. Make friends with the right people: Meeting locals or people from other cities in Michigan will benefit you because maybe on your next trip that friend might offer you a place to stay in a nice vacation spot. Being friendly with the owners of the cottages/cabins or people around the area will get you plenty of connections the next time you need them…and that means saving more money.

So basically in a nut shell find a cool place, pack up everything you use at home and take it with because you will end up having more fun and saving lots of money!