2016 Spokester Search: Austin B.

Austin is a 22-year-old from Walker

Austin's Situation

Hey everyone! My name is Austin Ball. Currently I am a Financial Services Banker by day, and a entrepreneur by night. Currently I assist over one hundred people a day with their financial service needs. In my free time, I focus on a few passive income strategies to help me build more financial stability. Through 2016/2017 I plan to attain an official Certified Financial Educator certification. I also aspire to create my own financial education curriculum through this year and beyond. If I am not at work, or working on a new venture, you are guaranteed to find me on the golf course. It can be 35 degrees and snowing, yet it is still the great escape!

Austin's Blog Post

Michigan is home to some of the world’s finest vacation destinations. To be honest, it can be really hard to decide where to go! But wait, what about the cost of everything? No worries. There are many different options when it comes to saving money on vacations without sacrificing maximum fun, and enjoyment. I have five awesome ways I have saved money on Michi-cations that I would love to share.  

1. Coupons/Groupon

Who ever thought that Coupons/Groupon could be so exciting? Gas, hotel, and dining expenses can add up quick. Whether it is a 5-Star restaurant you saw raving reviews on, or an all-inclusive spa, chances are there is a coupon or Groupon out there for it! When you pick your destination, plan ahead by searching for Groupon to save chunks of $$ on your activities.

2. Do. The. Research.  

Take the time to really research hotel/motel options. Remember that even a hotel with a low nightly rate may charge for parking or higher than usual “processing” fees. If you plan early ahead you can find a hotel that offers you a complimentary breakfast, and possibly even vouchers for local attractions. Nothing keeps money in your pocket better than free breakfast and attraction passes. 

3. Don’t Forget The Rewards!  

Have you had one or two credit cards for a few years at least? Chances are you have built up some sort of rewards over the years. Most credit cards offer a reward or loyalty program. Call or go online to see if you can redeem for gift cards, car rentals, or even straight up cash!

4. Be Intentional With Saving

About six months ago, I made it a point to setup a savings account with an online financial institution. I set up an exact amount every two weeks to go there. That way another six months from now I will take that account, cash it out, and that will be my vacation money. Be intentional with your savings plan. You can be best prepared financially if you know exactly how much you will have available to spend. 

5. Michigan.org

The state of Michigan has a wonderful and free resource you can use on any Michi-cation. Head on over to www.michigan.org/events to get a full list of basically every event happening in Michigan throughout the year. Heading north for a weekend of wine tasting (if of age) and lighthouse exploring? You can check that link for any fun and FREE events in the cities you’ll be in!  

Thank you for checking in today! If you have any questions about these ideas, or want to hear more money-saving methods, hit me up! As always I leave you with a quote that should brighten your day. Talk soon - Best, AB.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain