2016 Spokester Search: Antonio J.

Antonio is a 22-year-old from Detroit

Antonio's Situation

Currently I am working at Guardian Alarm Company as a Data Analysis. I'm also a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. I love creating new designs and perfecting my craft.

Antonio's Blog Post

The Top Five Ways to save Money for a Michigan Vacation.

1. Set up a savings account with Michigan First Credit Union. 

2. Discuss places that you would like to visit in Michigan to help narrow down your options. 

3. Create a budget start date and set the amount that you would like to save. 

4. Plan your vacation in advance to give your self a good amount of time to save, for a trip to remember. 

5. Enjoy your trip and please don't drain your battery before you get to your destination no one wants to stop to buy a disposable camera, everyone knows arrival pictures are a must.