2016 Spokester Search: Alyssa S.

Alyssa is a 18-year-old from Romulus

Alyssa's Situation

Hey guys! My name is Alyssa Simpson and right now I'm just enjoying life. I work at Sky Zone, yes, the indoor trampoline park, and I'm taking a break from school to have some fun while I'm still young (and free!) I absolutely love connecting with new people and I am not afraid to put myself out there. I had a blast making my video for this application and hopefully I will get to make some more soon!

Alyssa's Blog Post

Five ways to SAVE money on a Michigan VACATION. What? Yes, you heard me right. Save and vacation in the same sentence. Everyone loves taking a vacation but nobody likes the guilt of looking at their bank account after. Here are FIVE awesome ways to save money on your next Michigan vacay:

1. Plan ahead! While last minute weekend getaways can be fun and spontaneous, they aren't always worth it. Booking your hotel far in advance can ensure the best prices. Also, you can start putting $10 back every week for food, gas, and spending money so when it's time to leave, you don't have to worry about it.

2. Really think before you buy something from that Traverse City Souvenir shop. I don't know how many times I've gone on vacation and spent money on ridiculous items and regret it later. If you won't wear it or use it within the next year, don't buy it!

3. The more the merrier. Plan a trip with a large group of people, that way you guys can split the cost of a room, gas, and even food.

4. Pack smart. Michigan weather is so unpredictable so be sure to pack a variety of clothes if you're taking a trip in the spring or fall so you aren't spending extra money on a new outfit because of an extreme weather change. (Seriously, it happens)

5. Finally, take your own food. Pack breakfast bars and other small snacks to avoid paying big bucks every time you eat.

There it is, five ways to save on that Michigan vacation...Start planning your next one today!