2016 Spokester Search: A'kiem G.

A'kiem is a 23-year-old from Saint Clair Shores

A'kiem's Situation

My name is A'kiem Gardner and at the current moment I am finding ways to get individuals my age intrigued about voting in the upcoming Michigan Primaries on March 8, 2016 . My belief, along with my fellow Americans, is that this election is very important. This election will determine if America will grow and sustain its growth, or if America will spiral into destruction. Studies show that young adults from the ages of 18 - 26 almost never vote. When these individuals are asked why they do not vote, a popular answer is that he/she believes that his/her vote has no say, which is clearly not the case. In fact, research shows, that nearly 1.7 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 either didn’t know how or where to register, or missed the deadlines. These reasons can be eliminated with small adjustments in educating and guiding my peers on how and where to register, and where to vote. Social media is a great and accessible ave nue to share awareness to my peers. 

A'kiem's Blog Post

If someone told you I have 5 ways to help you save money for your upcoming Michigan Vacations trip. What would your respond be? I know what you’re thinking any vacations you go on will be impossible to save money, even in Michigan! Well, than think again because I have 5 ways you can not only save money but enjoy and excellent getaway! 

Plan Ahead 

As young adults we tend to procrastinate a lot more than everyone else. The key to planning a nice, enjoyable, trip is planning ahead. Give yourself at least 3 to 4 months ahead of your schedule trip to have time to estimate the cost, for living arrangements, activities, and my personal favorite food! It is very easy to miscalculate all of expected expenses if try to rush our trip and not panning ahead.

Word of mouth 

In case you haven’t notice we live in a world where there are people in it and with people come word of mouth. There have been times where I’ve heard about the best places and deals out of the mouth of the people. When you’re looking for fun asks people who actually experience it first, not the Internet. Besides, you’re the one that has to spend the money out of your pocket, trust the human race my friends!

Go when the market prices are down 

One of the best things to know about going on vacation is each season’s market price value. Most of us want to go on vacation in the peaks of the new seasons. For example holidays and the beginning of summer vacations are almost never a great time to go on vacations, especially if you’re trying to save money. In Michigan because we get all four seasons it extremely important to know when it’s a good time and when it’s not. My advice always plans before the weeks leading up to high market prices and after.

Go with your friends

We are at the highlight of our lives for ages 17- 25 year old. This is the time where you can experience different things with your friends and enjoy our youth while we still have it. If you’re in college, there is nothing like a vacation away from family and school than with your friends. In addition you save tons of cash if you all chip in on arrangements. Go with a group with at least 5 to 7 of your closes friends. You’ll find out that you spend a lot of money on food and fun because transportation and living arrangements are easier and cheaper with more people adding to the money jar.  

Bring your Credit card 

I learned on my vacations trips that bringing your card is better than cash. When you have fast cash on you it’s easier to spend. Therefore, when your friends ask for some cash while your away it doesn’t hurt to have an alibi. “Sorry I only brought my card no cash!