2016 Spokester Search: Aiyana B.

Aiyana is an 19-year-old from Sterling Heights

Aiyana's Situation

Hey! I'm Aiyana Butler, Sophomore English major, marketing minor from Sterling Heights, Michigan. I'm currently studying at Howard University, located in Washington DC, where I am a full time student as well as a part time employee and marketing intern at The Legendary Howard Theatre. I am outgoing, highly self-motivated, and always looking for a new challenge to conquer on my journey to success. And let me tell you, the Young & Free Michigan Spokester position is looking like a great next step! With my experience in public speaking, writing, and my bubbly personality, I will be sure to bring my own unique spice to the table.

Aiyana's Blog Post

Hey Guys & Gals! My mission is to show you all how finance can be fun. Sounds like a gimmick right? Well it's not, and this you shall see if ya just stick with me for a while. Get this, when you don't focus on your finances, you end up spending money on nothing. And when I say nothing, I'm basically saying that you feel like your money is flying right out the window. This dilemma could be a problem if you're ever, hmm.. I don't know, let's say planning a Michigan Vacation! As an avid vacation planner and stickler for my cents, I am here to give you 5 wonderful tips on how best to save your money. Tip #1: Think of EVERYTHING! I know that sounds crazy and a bit vague, but the point is that budgeting will take you a long way only if you plan accurately. A vacation budget should include transportation, housing, food, activities, and souvenirs. No one wants to be the person who arrives on vacation, then remembers t hat their body must consume food in order to maintain survival, yet they don't have any money. Tip #2: Cook instead of eating out. Everyone hates when they ask their parents for Mcdonalds, and they say no insisting that their is perfectly good food at home. However, I am here to tell you, that your parents are smarter than you think. I moved to DC for school, and trust me the difference in money you will spend on fast food compared to store bought will leave your mind blown. Some question if this is an option while on vacation, thinking of where one would cook on Vacation away from home. This question brings me to tip #3: Do not book your hotel stay the first time you look, and do you even want to stay in a hotel? When planning a trip to Miami beach with my friends, I searched websites looking for good hotel prices at 4 star hotels for months before breaking an unbelievable deal. Before finding that deal, I also looked at apartment hotels, which have kitchens allowing f or the previous tip to shine. They were fancy, nicely furnished, and even had parking for those who may have driven. Tip #4: PLAN AHEAD!! I cannot stress this enough. Every place that I have gone to, I've been able to do every activity I wanted, and dine at any restaurant that I wanted. This is not because I'm rich, it's because I plan my travels 6-12 months ahead of time, so that even saving as little as $40 dollars out of every check (every 2 weeks) allows me to have substantial funds. Tip #5: Do not forget that those two remarkable little twigs that support your body are F-R-E-E Don't let the emerging presence of taxi services like Uber, Lyft, etc make you forget that walking is an option that is not only free but good for you!