Sydney V.

Invention the World Would Be Better Without

The invention I decided the world would better without is world hunger; you might ask how do I consider “world hunger” an invention? An invention is usually considered a device made by man with the intention of an assisting man, however sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. World hunger is considered a humanity problem; the world has problems addressing the needs of the poorest people on the planet. Did man invent world hunger? I believe the God has placed enough resources on this planet that there should not be any persons without enough food to eat.

Yes, I do believe that man is largely responsible for world hunger, since the beginning of time man has used his power and influence to advance himself usually at the expense of his neighbor, historical causes are slavery and conquest. Studies show that 75% of the world’s population lives in poverty earning $2.50 a day or less. Making a decision to end world hunger starts with an individual choice, if the 25% of the world would decide to make a difference in the world to end world hunger there could be a dramatic change in the number of human suffering from lack of food.

The leading cause of world hunger is poverty, the lack of money, resources, inequality in opportunities, war, disease, famine, lack of education, greed, corruption in governments, and the country’s economy are all contributing factors to world hunger. There are also natural factors that contribute to world hunger such as; floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis have led to natural disasters causing extreme environmental effect. Other causes of world hunger include lack of agriculture, lack of water supply, lack of roads, and inadequate health care.

We live in a world where we don’t even know about the starving people all around the world. I think that we waste so much food here, when we go out to eat or when we are just at home we let food just go to waste. If the people took the time to read about world hunger and get informed we could make a change in many people’s lives. 

In conclusion, as I prepare for college in the medical field, I will continue to study world hunger and look for solutions to end world hunger, because if man invented world hunger by not helping each other then the solution to ending world hunger is to help one another, but it’s an individual choice.