Shayla S.

There is no doubt that reality television has been rapidly growing in popularity for the past few years and to say the least is very entertaining to many viewers. But, have you ever stopped to think why so many people are intrigued by these shows? Possibly it’s because of the drama, the scandal, or the lavish lifestyles, oh and did I mention drama. These programs have not only taken over our television networks, but are consuming our minds. The world would be better off without the invention of reality television programs that have just added to the negative influence media has on society.  

Watching reality television shows like Teen Mom, The Real Housewives, or Love and Hip Hop might seem harmless at first glance. But in fact by watching these programs the viewer is basically giving consent that the content and behaviors that are portrayed in these programs are acceptable in society. Many reality television shows glorify and reward barbaric behaviors. They also place tremendous value on materialistic items like clothes, cars, and money. But this is not all, the spotlight of many cast members center around clubs, parties, and alcohol. The sad truth is that these types of lifestyles depicted on reality shows are the ones that appeal most to many people.  

It is only a matter of time before all of these behaviors and ideas of value transfer into our homes and even into the world. The minds of individuals need to be fed with empowerment and uplifting ideas, rather than those of opposite motive. The real reality is that the world struggles with enough issues already and does not need the distraction of conflicts televised through reality shows for entertainment.