Sharnice D.

Every day in our society there are new inventions being manufactured and a million more being thought of. Being so that there is such a vast amount of inventions that have been generated there is bound to be a few that are now obsolete or simply should have never been created. When inventions show that they cause more harm than good this is when I start to think, our society probably could have went on without them. Nuclear weapons are one of the main inventions that existence should be under questioning.The cons outweigh the pros when discussing nuclear weapons and our world would be much better without them.

Nuclear weapons are defined as a bomb or missile that uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion. These are the most powerful fighting tools the world has ever known and they hold the capacity to destroy all of life on earth .The effects they have on our society are detrimental, unnecessary, and preventable had weapons of this nature were never created.

The United States tested their first nuclear weapon in 1945 resulting in an explosion, foreshadowing the horrid effects it would later have on the world. When Nuclear weapons were used in warfare on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the 210,000 innocent civilian deaths it caused proved that our society would have been better off without these weapons. Something that causes such great destruction like this could never be considered beneficial to the society. Besides harming innocent individuals, leaving those affected with lifelong injuries and exposure to radiation, nuclear weapons causes fear to lay within nations. Nations can never completely trust one another while being conscious another country possess the power to abolish them. Since countries fear getting ransacked by those who obtain nuclear weapons in response they create more weapons in defense. With nations having a heightened sense of militarism, funds are being used from other foundations to pay for weapons. Taking money away from education, healthcare and other public funds. If these weapons were eliminated there would possibly be more money available to help with some of the major issues like the diminishing level of available funds for retirees.

Some may argue nuclear weapons limits the amount of wars that occur between nations but why would we want peace between nations only because they are scared of what another might do to them, and still have abhorrence beneath the exterior. This is a false sense of peace.

When weapons that are intended for combat cause this much harm to people who are on and of the battlefield they definitely shouldn’t be around. Inventions are intended to make process become easier or quicker, to ultimately help not harm. I understand with each invention there are drawbacks, but are thousands of innocent lives being ended really considered a simple hiccup? Nuclear weapons have caused a great quantity of harm and if never developed it could have been prevented.