Shamon N.

An invention that the world would be better off without is cell phones. The purpose being for cell phones is to be an easier way to communicate despite the fact of the lack of communication it brings. With this invention I tend to see that communication is starting to fade away looking at peers and my community. Also, I believe that the youth is also being extremely affected by it. The reason it's this way because a youth will learn how to download an app before really knowing the alphabet coming from watching my little cousins doing it. This further proves that you know that cell phones are also affecting the youths ability to learn. So with this invention of cellphones needs to be terminated because of deflection that it is making the earth have on communication. Cell phones are not always bad it does have an impact on one's social life dealing with social media. It also can be a helpful tool for being a quick access tool to things such looking things up or having a pocket calculator. Therefore, there are back spins to those things. First with social media, it can become very addictive and make some become less social because they are spending time talking to them on their device instead of them communicating with them vocal. Another thing it can become to reliable; therefore, make people lazy in such to do it themselves. It also can bring danger to your eyesight. The reason being is that if you are an older person looking at a smaller screen it can make you strain your eyes to put your eyesight in a bad position on your vision. Cell phones can also bring stress to you by it vibrating, ringing, and having multiple alert and can possibly drive someone crazy. So the invention that the world would be better off with it cell phones.