Sabrina F.

Beep, Beep...You have one new message, is the text message that appears on your cell phone. Message: Wouldn’t the world be better off without text messaging? Reply: Yes, and here’s why. Over the last several years, text messaging has been one of multiple ways to communicate with one another. Even though the invention of TXT MSG (text messaging) can be a quick and easy way to convey a message, it is effecting the way we live on a daily basis, our relationships and written or verbal communication.

Text messaging can effect the way we live in the world today. Texting can be harmful to our mental and physical health, if we allow it to consume us. For example, texting while driving, losing focus on the task at hand and sexting can all lead to an unstable quality of life. The lack of facial cues, emotion, tone and body language make it harder to understand any text message. In many cases, messages can be taken out of context, which can lead to stress and anxiety overtime. AAMOF (As a matter of fact), the emotional effects of text messaging is evidence the invention is one that our world would be better off without. 

Furthermore, text messaging can effect the stability of various relationships. All relationships require good communication and is key to a great connection. If text messaging is the primary source of communication, the relationship is doomed from the started. The interpersonal skills and the ability to hone in on a person’s emotions dramatically decrease due to texting. IMO (In My Opinion), the development of relationships can easily be ruined through a simple text message.

Also, text messaging can effect written or verbal communication skills. In school, teachers constantly tell students to write in complete sentences. Through text messaging, many times PPL (People) do not compose complete sentences for readers. In our microwave world, everyone wants the information fast and easy. What we have learned about proper grammar, sentence structure or how to communicate effectively in real-life situations is fading away. In my generation, slang has become the norm; quickly substituting standard English. Text messaging can not only effect emails, or typed assignments, but also how people speak. In the future, people will not know how to clearly communicate with each other due to the convenience of texting.

In conclusion, text messaging is an invention that our world could live without. Emails, F2F (Face to Face) conversations, or even phone calls are more effective ways to communicate. Texting encourages the use the slang, limits writing and speaking abilities as well as how people build foundations for relationships. Overall, this invention is a great way to get a quick message to someone. Yet, texting messaging has caused many disturbances and distractions in the lives of many people. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), it is simply destroying the way we communicate with one another. BTW (By The Way), this is just my POV (Point Of View). Do you agree?