Ryan D.

Since their creation in the 13th century, one invention has been used only to promote violence and oppression. That invention, is the gun. Guns are dangerous weapons that make the malicious desires of menacing people much easier to carry out. We cling on to these deadly weapons under the veil that they provide us with protection, but they only make our world a more treacherous place. The world would be in a much better place if these murderous tools had never been created. 

In the past, guns were used as a means to oppress those who didn’t have them. The nations that possessed them abused the power that firearms gave them. Instead of just using them as a form of defense, they were used to conquer the nations that didn’t have them. This decision exposed the world to the trials of war and slavery where millions of lives were lost. Many years have been filled with loss and suffering because of the invention of the gun.

Today, we’re still seeing the effects of guns in our society. These dangerous weapons are over-produced and fall into the hands of people with bad intentions. When this happens, innocent people serve as the victims of these men. One example of this was my uncle Sean. He was an innocent bystander who was shot due to gang violence. Many families like ours are forced to deal with the loss of loved ones because of the decisions of men who possess firearms. This is why many people have started to push for stricter gun control laws. It’s apparent that this has become a true threat to our society.

With the current technological boom that our world is facing, we can only assume that guns will only continue to get more dangerous in the future. We live in a society that admires guns and finds joy in the creation of bigger and better firearms. This will only pose a bigger threat however, if they fall into the hands of the wrong people. 

The real problem with guns is the ease of use. In the blink of an eye, an entire life can be extinguished at the hands of someone wielding a firearm. With such an effortless way to harm others, the slightest lapse of judgment on a gun-owner’s behalf could prove deadly for anyone present. This also makes the issue of accidental deaths a much greater problem with the existence of guns. Countless lives have met an untimely end due to unintentional gun use. If they had never been created, our death tolls wouldn’t be as high as they are today. 

In conclusion, I believe that our world would be much better if guns had never been invented. They’re dangerous tools that have had terrible effects on the people of the past and those in the present, as well as posing a threat to those of the future.