Noelle W.

The economic system we have now is corrupt. With the way that money flow goes, hardly any of the money earned goes to who it really belongs to. Why is that? Well it’s because of the way our economic system was invented. With the economic system we have now, in the near future we can see inflation increasing prices at a rate the people can't keep up with. On top of this minimum wage is well below the livable wage threshold. What is the cause of this? Our economic system is literally catered toward being greedy. With all the tax write offs companies get it’s hardly fair to the middle and lower classes. The economy is rigged toward the privileged classes and the top 1%. Someone who came from nothing will have a much harder time surviving even, and that is to blame on the way we run the economic system. What can we do to prevent further wage discrimination and reinvent our economy? We need to give the money to the people it belongs to. We need to raise taxes on the rich and lower taxes on the poor. We need to raise minimum wage to the livable threshold and call out big business on their shady policies and loop holes. We need to put people who have committed white collar crimes to pay the price and the jail time for their crimes. When you raise the minimum wage more people feel comfortable spending more money and the economy gets going again, and more jobs will be created. Of course if we raised the minimum wage now the economy would collapse because we have corrupt foundations, however if everything mentioned in this essay, there could really be a turnaround for the middle and lower classes.