Mason W.

Open Happiness” Coca Cola’s newest slogan, aims for everyone to have a fresh sip of “happiness” that they believe is in their drink. The real question is what exactly is in that happiness? Even though it is a tasty treat that according to the Huffington Post half of Americans drink every day, soda is not the greatest for our health. In fact, soda kills over 180,000 people every year. That is not something people realize when picking up a 20 ounce of Coke or Pepsi from their nearest gas station. These are just a few of the reasons that I believe that soda should be something that was never invented. 

Soda can be found at virtually every store that people can think of and a variety of different flavors and options to choose from. This makes it convenient and easy to drink without really realizing the harmful effects that it can have on a person’s body. Some people even drink more soda than water each day, and that can be a very large sugar intake on a person’s body. A single can of soda contains the same amount as 10 teaspoons of sugar. This then causes very high blood sugar that over time, can lead to diseases such as diabetes. Other problems on a person’s overall health can be affected, and often leads to weight gain. Researchers at Harvard have recently connected soda to obesity. Finding that 12 year olds who drank soda were more prone to being obese than non soda drinkers. Each serving that these kids had each day increased the risk of obesity around 1.6 times. With all the obesity that is present in America soda would be one way to change that. Most soda companies also advertise diet soda as being a healthier alternative to regular soda due to the fact that there is zero calories, however diet soda can be just as bad if not worse than regular soda. All the artificial sweeteners and extra ingredients that replace the already not good ingredients in regular soda can actually be just as bad.

If soda was never invented the world would probably be a much different place, instead having a multitude of sugary drinks to choose from there would be healthier alternatives. People would be healthier and feel better in the process. It would seem like a completely different world without the advertising and large corporations present. If soda was never invented the world would look a whole lot different, but it would change for the better.

I have even personally given up drinking soda for almost the past two years, after drinking a lot of it when I was younger it was hard at first. After the first little bit it gets easier and I have felt so much better in my life without it. While soda may taste good the “happiness” that it contains is definitely something that the world could do without.