Lakiyah P.

An invention that the world would be better off without would be the invention of the automobile. The automobile itself is hazardous to the environment alone, now think of the production of the automobile. Although, the automobile does get people to their destination quickly than the average public transportation, it is still rapidly damaging the environment, atmosphere, and the air we need to breathe. The world would he healthier if the invention of the automobile never took place. 

The automobile has been proven hazardous several times since its debut in 1886. For example, all the recalls that are sent out a year for automobiles. The automobile produces carbon monoxide, a deadly gas, in order to be able to run. That gas is not only harmful to humans and animals, but also to the environment and the atmosphere. The automobile has been proven hazardous as soon as it starts up. Now think how hazardous it must be to put the vehicle together. Thousands of hazardous gases released into the air by factories a day. For example 50 percent if the United States air pollution comes from industrial factories. Is getting to your destination quicker more important than to help to save your planet?

The automobile claims thousands of lives every year in several countries. With that said do you consider yourself a proficient driver? If so, that is very good for you, but can you say the same for everyone else? Sadly, no you cannot. Yes, there are some people out there who are not very good drivers or they may be over excited new drivers. There were nearly 19,000 Americans killed in motor vehicle accidents between January and June of the year 2015 and that was only six months, imagine a whole year. When you step foot into a motor vehicle you are risking your life.

On the other hand, the automobile has its benefits; you have your own reliable transportation and commonly in the United States, when someone purchases their own automobile it represents their ascent into adulthood. The feeling of having something of your own is very rewarding to many. Just knowing it’s all yours, you don’t have to worry about sitting next to a stranger, or over crowded public transportation, or being a victim of robbery is very comforting. Although having your own motor vehicle is rewarding, do you feel it is worth it?

Therefore concludes the reason for why the invention of the automobile is one the world would be better off without. As stated yes, the automobile has its benefits, but it also has its faults and flaws. However, if such changes were to take place to improve and evolve the automobile, then some reasons stated above may be subject to change. Sadly, since such changes will not take place for several decades the people of Earth will continuously destroy their home, while knowing the harm they are causing, but still causing it.