Kyana C.

All inventions have made an impact in the world, some negative and some positive. With today’s generation, I believe the most common influence and distraction is television and the world would be better without it. Television has become very unrealistic. There are many "reality" television shows that portray what is not really reality. It causes young children and teens to think that is how people act as they get older. Reality television portrays an image of a life that celebrities live but do not show what it takes to get there. The fame shown on television doesn't show what someone once went through to get to where they are, it shows that most people have had a hand out.

I believe without television the world would be better off because it doesn't always give the positive image needed to help young children and teens. It gives a young male an image in mind that they must rap, play a sport, or sell narcotics to be successful but do not focus on the positive males that are above that. It doesn't show the potential that other who do not do the above stated have to be something else to be successful. Although influences and knowing the meaning between realistic and unrealistic starts at home, children and teens are influenced very easy.

Television also plays a part in self-esteem issues. It portrays an image to young females that in order to be beautiful you must have the shape and long hair instead of helping them to know you are beautiful without it. Even though the support may be at home, it contradicts what is seen on television and the looks that get fame. Having low self-esteem often leads to depression and thoughts of suicide. To some, television is not a big influence but for everyone is different. 

In my opinion, if television had a more positive influence on today’s generation, it could cut down on a lot of problems people face. It should be used to help motivate and encourage people, not tear down and discourage people.