Kaylah E.


In today's society our everyday life relies solely on a mini-computer we carry around with us at all times. These devices are also know as cell phones which are especially important to us teenagers. The phone may not be as important to us as what's on it. This includes our photos, private messages, and our various social medias. Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr seem to have taken over this generation and it's something I think the world can do without.

The first social media sites can be traced back to Six Degrees which was created in 1997 and it allowed everyday people to create a profile and make friends over the Internet. You can also take a look at Facebook which was originally created for college students to reconnect with their high school friends. Today nearly two-thirds of Americans are using social media with the majority of that number being younger adults. Social media has become a huge phenomenon. Now a days all it takes is a simple touch a finger for a number of people to know exactly what your doing at any given time. Now, of course social media does have it's pro's; such as a great platform for people to advertise their business or a way for those to share their talents and opinions. But, for some people, the amount of attention that can be received on social media can definitely go to ones head. 

Many people have taken advantage of social media by posting some questionable things. People are so worried about how many "followers" they have rather than worrying about their real life problems. People rather read about the latest gossip and drama than read an informative article. It seems that these social media sites have imprisoned our minds because it feels that we can't go more than an hour without refreshing our feed to see the latest posts. Many young people are ruining their reputation with the vulgar things they decide to post for everyone to see. Yes, almost everyone does things that they regret when they are young. But today those mistakes that are posted for all to see and your internet reputation is almost impossible to completely delete.

Social Media has taken away humans ability to communicate on a much more personal level. For example in many families every time they go out for dinner there is not much interaction across the table. I believe that social media has completely destroyed the strong family dynamic that we as people used to have. The lack of communication can cause people to drift away. That is why I believe the world would be way better off without social media. Now of course social media will not completely disappear overnight. But, if we can find a way to just set down our phones, ignore the iMessage, and choose not to update our status; maybe we can learn to enjoy the REAL world that is around us.