Jessyca A.

When people think of inventions they normally think of technology but that isn't at all the gist of what inventions really are. Inventions come along to make the world a better place or make an action occur faster than it already did, but honestly faster doesn't always mean better. I would say that medications could be considered inventions. We as a human race have fled from natural remedies or time as "medicine" and we've turned to pills or syrups that others (doctors, commercials, the internet) told us should be used for whatever sickness we have. Most of us, place our trust in these sources and unknowingly consume what we're told to consume, which is honestly an unfortunate event that shows our gullibility. 

Our medicines hold all types of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and can eventually take a toll on our immune systems. Even if the medicine is helping you, your body will start to depend on the medicine and we wont be able to provide ourselves with the strength needed to get better without the medicine. Think about for a minute, the goal for companies is to make money. From the stand point of the seller and not the buyer, it makes a lot of sense to distribute medicine to the general public that will "help" them but also keep them coming back. If they make their medicine work once and gradually deplete your immune system then you'll get sick more often and use the medicine more which equals to more money for the company. It all makes sense when you look at the situation from another point of view. 

Most natural remedies work with your immune system to rid of harmful bacteria or infections. It make take longer but they help your immune system to get stronger and therefore you will be less susceptible to any further sicknesses. Thin of it as helping your body to get better instead of being an enabler to yourself.