Jarell C.

The world can live without electric cars. Sure, it's environmental friendly, but it's still damaging to the economy and it's a burden on the owners of those types of cars. 

One reason is it takes too long to charge a car. For a Chevrolet Volt, it takes four hours to charge it while it takes a mere five to 10 minutes to put gas into a gas-powered car. It's time consuming and it's a burden on the owner. For example, if someone was in a rush or an emergency came up and needed transportation, they would be forced to wait for a long period of time for their car to charge. By the time it's done, it's useless. Electric cars are an inconvenience to its owners, which is why gas-powered cars or hybrid cars are more efficient. 

Another reason is it's expensive to produce electric cars. Even though in the long run it'll reduce the world's greenhouse gas emission, it'll probably hurt the economy more than hurting the environment. Of course both the environment and economy are important, however, we're currently rebuilding our economy and it can't take another hit. It cost millions of dollars to produce these types of cars, more than gas-powered cars. Also, the automotive industry is still mainly dominated by gas-powered cars and they are making more money off it because it's cheaper to produce cars that use gas. Overall, it'll be better to keep producing cars powered by gas because it's familiar and it's a better profit.

Although electric cars help the environment, the cost of production, the burden, and because it's something new as well as a big change to what we're used to, it's better to slow down the production of electric cars.