Jamaica J.


Society is always looking for the short cuts, the easy way, and ultimately a fast paced life. I have grown up in a world where everything is accessible at the push of a button or a swipe of a screen. There are inventions being created every moment to enhance a previous invention and to find a quicker and easier version. However, there are always cons and destructive effects to every invention. I think the world would be better place without the invention of the microwave oven. The traditional microwave oven was introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation creating commercial and residential uses in the kitchen around the world. There are many beneficial uses for the microwave oven such as: reheat food, cook dishes, and defrost food. Unfortunately, microwave ovens harm our bodies. 

It is uncommon for a kitchen to not have the microwave oven appliance or to rarely use the appliance. Many people find not using the microwave oven extremely difficult. First, the microwave oven may yield carcinogens and other cancer-causing chemicals. When plastic containers and plastic wraps are used in the microwave, the chemicals will leach into foods and has the possibility to cause cancer. Another concern is that microwaveable products are not always identified as containing plastic products. Plastic products are disguised as any inorganic or organic compounds. It is more common for plastic materials to leak into fatty foods such as meats, breads, and cheeses. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for microwaveable products still do not ban plastic containing lids, containers, and wraps. The products that we use to microwave food in is more damaging than the actual microwaved food. 

Microwave ovens have completely transformed societies view on food and the entire cooking process. The extreme radiation that microwaves use such as: electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation, and gamma radiation cooks and heats water at very high temperatures in a short amount of time. In studies it has been found that individuals that consume microwaved foods have higher cholesterol levels and reduced white and red blood cells. Also, microwave purpose foods are highly processed in chemicals that can lead to high health risks. One of the most dangerous chemicals that derived from microwave foods is known as Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA disrupts natural hormone activity which can lead to infertility, cardiac disease, and mental disorders. Microwave ovens are a danger to everyone but are proven to be far more dangerous to children and pregnant women. 

Inventions are wonderful and include the basis of science and research to enhance the livelihood of society. Consequently, many inventions are proven to be more dangerous long term. This is proven with the invention of the microwave oven. The negatives outweigh having a meal in thirty seconds. In society there is no limit to how fast anything can be causing an addiction to faster living. Microwave ovens have interrupted active learning and anticipation of cooking. The microwave ovens were invented to help society but has hurt us.